Here’s How to Make Your Own Coconut Oil and Save Money

The benefits of the use of coconut oil are of so wide range, namely a recently performed study has shown that the consumption of 1 tablespoon of coconut oil a day will assist you in the process of weight loss and it will also contribute to the promotion of cardiovascular health.

Health Advantages of the Use of Coconut Oil

According to a performed study on the use of coconut oil which involved participants in the age span of 55- 69 revealed very positive results in terms of their health. All of the participants previously were with hypertension and as well as were on a cholesterol-lowering medications.

The 136 participants were on a standard diet in the first months of the research. These participants were divided in two groups from which one of them was given 1 tablespoon of coconut oil each day for additional three months.

After a certain period of time the results of these two separate groups were completely different. For instance:

  1. The blood pressure of the participants who took coconut oil was lowered by 3.5 points.
  2. Further on, the good cholesterol levels elevated due to the daily intake of coconut oil.
  3. The participants who consumed coconut oil managed to lose 2 pounds which was not the case with the ones who did not take coconut oil.
  4. Likewise these participants had a decreased waist size for 1 inch thanks to the consumption of the coconut oil.
  5. The perimeter of the neck was reduced by 2 inches and as well as in the legs.

Moreover, more additional studies in the states have confirmed the ability of coconut to successfully fight off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

As a result of these fantastic benefits of the coconut oil try to learn how to prepare a homemade coconut oil. In this article we shall present you the method of preparation a homemade coconut oil thus having it always at hand. The preparation is simple and easy and it will save you more money.

Recipe for Homemade Coconut Oil

Needed Ingredients:

  • 2 whole coconuts
  • 1 ½ gallons of filtered water

Method of Preparation:

Start with shredding the coconuts, and then include the filtered water. Gently squeeze it with your hands in order to draw out the milk. Next, bake the milk with a cotton cloth. Then place it in a pot and keep it in the refrigerator for whole 24 hours. After the time has passed you will see a formation of a solid part. You need to remove this part and place it on heat so that it melts. When it becomes melted, filter it in order to extract the coconut oil. The obtained coconut oil transfer it in a well-covered glass jar and keep it in the fridge.

We are hoping that you have found this method easy and by using it you will have coconut oil always in your home. If you keep it in a fridge it can last up to one year.