Here’s Why You Should NEVER Put a Single M&M in Your Mouth

They are sweet, crunchy, fondant, enjoyed by young and old, and are part of our childhood. But if you knew the danger of M & M’s to your health, you will never put another one in your mouth!

Banned in 1976 for being health hazard, M&M’s reappeared on the store shelves in 1983 and are still consumed worldwide. However, doctors recommend not eating them because they are responsible for many diseases.

What’s in the M&M’s?

These delicious chocolate filled candies are known for their varied and attractive colors. These candies contain mostly milk chocolate, sugar, fat, lactose, salt, dextrin and corn starch. But they also contain more hazardous substances: soy lecithin, corn syrup, gum arabic and artificial dyes deemed neurotoxic.

Unfortunately, it is the children who are mostly consumers of sweets whose effects have a serious impact on their health. Here are their most harmful components.

Soy lecithin comes from genetically modified soybeans, because 93% of soy in the world is produced with GMOs. It is responsible for several types of cancer and causes infertility in both genders. It also causes brain problems and behavioral disorders, especially in children.

Corn syrup is bad because corn is genetically modified and also contains fructose containing toxic metal: mercury. The corn syrup is the cause of liver disease, cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

Gum arabic, a natural product extracted from the Senegalese tree is used as a thickener and recognized as E414. It is an indigestible food causin gas, nausea, diarrhea, flatulence and bloating. Gum arabic is also a potent allergen and can cause asthma attacks and acute skin rash. It also reduces the absorption of minerals in the body, which is harmful, especially for children.

The blue artificial color is a cause of hyperactivity in children. It increases the risk of brain tumors and other malignant tumors. Also, this dye lowers blood pressure and causes hives, asthma or hay fever.

The red dye is a cause of oral problems, hives, and it is carcinogenic.

The yellow dye also causes hyperactivity, allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and severe skin reactions.

You need to understand that besides their attractive flavor, these sweets are primarily bad. That is why it is important to immediately stop consuming this chocolate brand for the good of your health and that of those around you. However, you can opt for healthier confectionery such as dark chocolate, or better yet, make your own sweets with natural ingredients. You can choose natural dyes such as saffron, blackberry syrup, etc.