Here’s Why You Wake Up in the Middle of the Night with Leg Cramps…

It is possible that you were already awakened in the middle of the night because of excruciating pain in the muscles of the leg or knee. This is actually a cramp.

A cramp is characterized by intense pain due to the contraction of muscles or groups of muscles. Generally, this type of contraction appears after a very stressful day when we face a great fatigue, or in case of varicose veins, hypothermia or if our body is deficient in magnesium.

How to explain the phenomenon of knee cramp?

Cramps in the knee usually occur at night and it is actually a spasm that occurs when the body is relaxed. This may indeed be the cause of a bad position taken overnight or poor circulation.

If this happens then you should immediately stand up and sit down in order to pinch the painful area and do this several times. Do not hesitate to thoroughly massage your calf so that the cramp disappears.

We share with you a remedy that will allow you to relieve your knee cramp instantly!

Here are the ingredients you need make this cream:

  • One part celandine
  • Two parts Vaseline

Preparation and Use

Mix the celandine with the Vaseline. Your ointment is ready. Just apply it on the painful area and where you experience convulsions. If you massage your legs every day with this ointment you will notice very quickly that the frequency of cramps will be rare and less painful.