Do This for Just 6 Minutes Every Day – Here’s What Happens to Belly Fat

Many people who exercise mix the terms “core” and “abs”. These two terms are not the same as a matter of fact quite different. The “core” is a larger term including abs, glutes (butt), hips and lower back muscles.

So, when you are training the core the body posture will be improved, the lower back pain reduced occurrence of injuries prevented, and the stamina of an athlete boosted.

Here below is a guideline of the exercises which will be very helpful for your body and stomach fat.

1st Day

You start the first day with 3 simple exercises for which you will need only 5 minutes. If you are more ambitious, do double routine of exercises.

  • Exercise No. 1: Skyscrapers — 10 per side
  • Exercise No. 2: Windshield Wipers — 10 per side
  • Exercise No. 3: Army Crawls — 36 steps


The second day of this exercise plan is consisted of 4 challenging moves for which you will need 5 minutes of your time. Repeat the set two times for an extra challenge.

  • Exercise No.1: Breakdancer — 15 per side
  • Exercise No.2: Skydiver — Hold for 30 seconds
  • Exercise No.3: Dead Bug — 10 reps
  • Exercise No.4: Thread the Needle — 10 per side

3rd Day

In the last part of the guideline, you need to do 4 extremely difficult core exercises in a swift 6 minutes circuit.

  • Exercise No.1: Crab kicks into Superman — 6 per side
  • Exercise No.2: Star leg raise — 10 per side
  • Exercise No.3: Side V-ups — 10 per side
  • Exercise No.4: Over/under — 10 per side


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