Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body is Sick, and What to Do About It

Chinese medicine has been able to diagnose improper function of the organism by simply looking at the signs on the face. This technique has been able to find out even minor diseases.

The ancient Chinese medicine believes that everything that is happening in our organism is combination of different complications of our internal organs. Due to these reasons it is important to be able to read the signs on the face in order to find out whether you have any disease or health issue.

This method that we are going to present to you will help you find out about the disease. It involves looking at the location of your acne on the face which can help you determine what problem you are having with your body.

Here are more details on what does it mean to have acne on different places on your face:

Acne on the cheeks means that you are having the following:

  1. Stress
  2. Bacteria
  3. Consuming too much caffeine
  4. Smoking
  5. Poor circulation
  6. Alcohol abuse
  7. Touching the face with dirty hands

If you have acne on your neckline, jaw, or chin it means the following:

  1. Hormonal problems
  2. High consumption of processed sugars
  3. Excessive consumption of starch
  4. Candida infection

Reading the face map will help you detect specific disease in your body. Also it will allow you to find out which organ is not working properly. Continue reading in order to find out which organ in your body might be at danger.

Liver – it is connected with the area between your eyebrows

If you are consuming constantly meat it will overload the stomach and it will be hard to process the food you consume. This will lead to improper function which causes formation of acne in the area between the eyebrows. If you notice that you have acne in this area you should definitely reduce the consumption of meat, and instead consume more veggies and fruits.

Small intestine and bladder – they are connected with the forehead

Formation of acne in this area means that you are consuming too much fatty meals that are processed and instead you reduce the consumption of fiber. Also it could mean that you are abusing alcohol which is leading to buildup of toxins, poor digestion, or dehydration. If you notice that you have acne in this area try to reduce the consumption of processed foods and alcohol and instead drink more water.

Lungs and kidneys – they are connected with the upper part of the cheeks

If you notice formation of acne in this area it means that you are breathing polluted air. Also it could be caused by smoking cigarettes. Try to improve the situation by breathing fresh air and not smoking. On the other hand it could be due to poor dental hygiene, and in order to improve the situation you should brush the teeth regularly.

Heart – it is connected with the area of the nose

The heart is directly linked with the nose and if you notice acne in this area it means that you are consuming too much salt. Try to change the diet and make sure that you exercise regularly.

Stomach – it is connected with the chin and mouth

Acne formation around the mouth and chin means that you are consuming too much sugar. It is best to reduce the consumption of sugar or foods that contain processed sugar in order to eliminate the formation of acne.

Hormones – it is connected to the jaw and neck

If your body is suffering from hormonal imbalance it will appear in form of acne in these areas. You should improve the condition by simply reducing the intake of salt, soft drinks, and caffeine, but also make sure that you consume healthy diet.


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