List of Dish Soaps That Are Packed with Cancer-Causing Chemicals! Try to Avoid Them as Much as Possible!

The use of dish soaps is inevitable in the households, but most of them have in their content harmful chemical substances which can pose great risk to your health, and because of that you need to cease their use if you want to preserve your health.

Those chemical ingredients can be the following: silicate salts, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde (which can be in high amounts), sulfuric acid, and harmful scents.

List of Dish Soaps Packed with Harmful Substances

  • Ajax
  • Cucina
  • Dawn
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Meyers
  • Palmolive

Each one of these dish soaps contains harmful compounds, and as a result of that they can be dangerous for your health. FDA considers most of these products as GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe, but frequent exposure to them can lead to the appearance of numerous health concerns.

Here below, are the most commonly used chemicals in the dish soaps:

  1. Ammonium Sulfate

Ajax and Palmolive have in their content ammonium sulfate, which can cause asthma, respiratory problems, cancer and even skin irritation.

  1. Formaldehyde

This chemical substance is common in most dish soaps and household cleaners like in Dawn, Ajax, and Palmolive. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) carried out a research which revealed that this chemical is highly dangerous since it can cause irritations and skin allergies, and even cancer. There are more adverse effects of this chemical like eye damage, asthma, breathing difficulties, severe skin burns, and general systemic organ effects.

  1. Sulfuric Acid

This chemical substance is present in Palmolive and Ajax, and even though it is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA you should by all means try to avoid its use due to the probable harmful effects. The EWG has confirmed that this chemical can cause skin irritations, skin burns, allergies, dermatitis and eye damage. In addition to this, sulfuric acid is a known asthmagen and carcinogen.

  1. Silicate Salts

These salts are contained in different soaps such as Palmolive, which can cause skin irritations and eye irritations if they are inhaled or consumed. However, the FDA classified silicate salts if contained in small amounts as GRAS, but nonetheless they need to be avoided as for sure they can trigger allergies, respiratory issues, and organ system toxicity.

  1. Fragrances

Each of these products contains fragrances in order to make the product more appealing, but some of the most frequently used fragrances have pentasodium pentetate. This chemical can cause skin and eye irritations. EWG does not consider this chemical as high threat for the overall health, nevertheless we still advise to avoid its use.

Try to avoid all these products as there are always healthier solutions for use. For instance you can use the following products:

List of Safer Dish Soaps

  • Approach
  • Better Life
  • Ecover
  • Puracy
  • Seventh Generation

However, if you want to protect your health, it is much safer to prepare your own homemade dish soap as only then you will be sure about the content of ingredients, which for sure will be all natural.

Check the video below and find out all the needed instructions on how to prepare natural dish soap:



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