She Lost 225 Pounds at the Age of 63 by Following These 7 Simple Steps

Age is certainly not an obstacle to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams, even when it comes to losing weight. This, Diane Naylor has understood well! The American, who started a diet, managed to lose 225 pounds by following these 7 steps.

Diane Naylor is a 63 years old American. After leaving her job, she moved from the city of Fresno and moved to Oakhurst, California. The city was offering beautiful natural landscapes, conducive to outdoor activities such as biking or hiking, which she could not enjoy because of her weight.

Diane weighed over 380 pounds and would not appear in public. In an interview with US Today show, she said that she felt miserable and depressed because of her weight. She was not active and her size did not allow her to do what she wanted.

She tried several times to follow diets and to exercise to lose weight, but all her attempts were failures! Only after watching an episode on a television series her life took another turn. An inspiring scene was particularly marked and pushed her to follow her dream, that of losing weight.

Therefore, Diane Naylor embarked on her weight loss journey. Here are the steps she has taken to lose 225 pounds.

1 – Start Now!

Don’t put it off for later. “No one is getting younger, and the younger you are, the more the weight loss process is easy. I started at the age of 59 years, which shows that everyone can do it. Why start in 6 months? Start today! “, advises Diane Naylor.

2 – Change your lifestyle and your habits

During her weight loss journey, Diane has gradually made several changes in her lifestyle. She began with small steps, walking along the driveway of her home. At first she found it difficult to keep her balance, to the point that reaching her mailbox was a real challenge. But she did not quit. She lost 20 pounds by walking, biking and by adopting a new diet. Today, she often walks and rides bike for 20 to 30 miles. Diane stresses the importance of starting with short walks and then increase.

3- Support groups can be of a great help

After losing more than 40 pounds, Diane joined the club TOPS Club (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). This club has offered the support she needed and assisted her to achieve the objectives. She received calls, messages, emails and letters of encouragement from the other members. She also attended meetings every week.

“If you do not have access to this kind of support group, create one yourself. Find people who have the same goals and who will understand you and support you, “advises Diane Naylor.

4 – Try to eat varied

The menu plans can be boring, that’s why it is very important to vary your meals and try new things.

5 – Do not adopt specific regime

Diane had tried different weight loss programs, the results were often the same: it ended with failure.

So she tried a new approach and she has managed it! Diane no longer considered dietary changes she adopted as a “diet” but rather as healthier, sustainable alternatives. She focused on fruits and vegetables and had completely banned fast food from her diet.

6 – Do not give up

It is normal to reach a point where you feel your weight stagnated during the weight loss process. It is an almost inevitable step. It is certainly frustrating, but don’t just give up. Continue exercising and eating healthy to boost the weight loss process.

7 – Split the meals

Instead of three big meals a day, split them into 5 or 6 meals, while ensuring lower portions. This will allow you to eat in sufficient quantities and without excess.