Magnesium Deficiency: 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Magnesium is in fact most important for your body and this is something that not many people are aware of. Medical researches prove that more than 75% of Americans have deficiency of magnesium which causes health issues.

One medical doctor and naturopathic, Dr. Carol Dean, explains the importance of magnesium in her book “Death by Modern Medicine”. Her study of this mineral has been done for more than 15 years and this in fact makes her expert when it comes to magnesium.

Some of the important benefits of this mineral are the following, according to Dr. Carol:

  1. Greater activity of the muscles and nerves
  2. Greater activity of adenosine triphosphate or better known as ATP which produces body energy
  3. Helps and improves the process of digestion of proteins and carbohydrates
  4. Acting as serotonin precursor

The importance of magnesium to our body function is high, and despite this fact very few people consume sufficient amounts of it.

People also tend to take high mounts of calcium but they forget that it is important to keep the balance of minerals in order to have proper health.

Muscle contractions occur once there is imbalance of minerals, meaning that it is caused by high level of calcium and low level of magnesium in the body. Dr. Dean suggests that this imbalance of minerals might also lead to further unwanted health problems such as reduced function of nerves and muscles. On the other hand, imbalance of minerals might result with hearth problems and therefore it is highly recommended to consume magnesium so you will keep the cardiovascular health.

Furthermore she explains that the left ventricle of the heart contains the highest amount of magnesium in our body, and deficiency of magnesium might result with heart damage. Magnesium also is advised to be used in order to prevent osteoporosis especially for women.

People also tend to think that the ration of consumption of calcium and magnesium should be 2:1 which is completely wrong because this way you make misbalance of minerals. You should consume calcium and magnesium in same amounts in order to keep the balance of minerals.

Another thing that influences the balance of minerals is vitamin K2 and vitamin D. Usually vitamin D can cause overwork of magnesium and lead to deficiency. The combination of 4 nutrients is extremely important for your body and health especially in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

In order to keep your calcium in the right place in your cells in the body it requires vitamin K2. Vitamin D should be consumed through healthy food reach of vitamin D in addition to magnesium supplements and vitamin K2.

Magnesium combined with vitamin K2 makes a perfect balance for each other. This combination regulates the high blood pressure.

It is important to balance these four nutrients so they will work properly within your body.

Seeds are the main source of calcium as well as leafy vegetables and nuts.

Doctors suggest that our consumption of magnesium has gone from 500mg per day to 200mg per day. This is caused by the industrial agriculture which has drained the minerals from the soil especially the magnesium. One way to consume enough amounts of magnesium is through consuming organic food that is grown on fertilized soil that has already received minerals.

There are other products that also contain magnesium such as avocados, green leafy vegetables, seaweed, seeds and nuts. The food that we are consuming today is deficient of magnesium and other minerals due to the herbicides which work as chelators. This causes blockade in the process of uptake of minerals in the food that we are consuming. As a result of this obstruction of in the uptake of minerals in the food it is important to take magnesium.

If you want to determine the amount of magnesium in the tissues of the food you should consider visiting labs that will determine the level of magnesium through the RBS test.

These are the symptoms of deficiency of magnesium:

  1. Fatigue/exhaustion
  2. nausea / vomit
  3. headaches
  4. loss of appetite
  5. loss of strength

These symptoms change from person to person, some other might be numbness, seizures, abnormal rhythms of the heart, muscle contractions etc. Magnesium oxide supplements are difficult for absorption because 95% of it only passes through your intestines whereas only 4% are absorbed. Other methods for magnesium intake are through Epsom salt baths or foot baths.

Magnesium bonds with other substances and these types of bonds are unique. This is the reason why we have different magnesium supplements which helps the process of absorption of minerals and its bioavailability which provides health benefits.

Varying benefits of different compounds:

  1. Magnesium hydroxide and sulfate are usually used as a laxative. It is recommended to consult with a doctor before using or carefully read the instructions for taking this compound in order to avoid overdose.
  2. Magnesium Glycinate is the compound with highest absorption rate as well as bioavailability. This compound will definitely increase the level of magnesium in your body
  3. Magnesium oxide has approximately 70% magnesium and will definitely soften your stool
  4. Magnesium chloride and lactate contains 15% magnesium and compered to other types of compounds it has high rate of absorption
  5. Magnesium Threonate enters the mitochondrial membrane
  6. Magnesium citrate contains citric acid and laxative properties
  7. Magnesium taurate contains taurine, amino acids and magnesium and will relax our mind and body.

Prescription drugs are the main cause that drains the magnesium from your body, and another factor is also exhaustion. Dr. Dean suggests that high level of stress is correlated with loss of magnesium in the body. It is also know that magnesium helps prevention of anxiety and depression. Stress causes exhaustion of magnesium which is related to increase of blood pressure.

As a result of stress when visiting a doctor you will receive diuretic which results with decrease of fluid in the body which is correlated with the blood pressure. The results are usually low blood pressure and thus the drainage of magnesium needs to be replaced. In this type of situations your doctor will find out that you still have blood pressure as a result of the loss of magnesium in the body. Next step will be to give you calcium channel blocker because if the level of magnesium falls, calcium level will increase, and will leave the blood vessels tighter.

What they don’t know is that magnesium itself acts as blocker of the calcium channel and you might end up with taking other drugs such as angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitor which is prescribed for blood pressure.

After two months when you go for check the doctor will find out that your cholesterol and blood sugar levels have increased. He will also check your damage, if any, on your liver. The only reason this health issue arises is due to the fact that the drug itself causes it.

Cholesterol is caused as a result of low level of magnesium in the body according the Dr. Dean. The only mineral that balances the enzyme that creates cholesterol is magnesium, and this is something that many doctors tend to forget. This magnesium balanced enzyme is killed by statin drugs and that is the reason why many diabetics suffer from cholesterol.

This example is for drugs that contain fluoride such as fluoroquinolone antibiotics that cases lots of side effects. Also many anti-axiety drugs, painkillers or other medications that are prescribed for cholesterol contain fluoride. Dr. Dean suggests that anti-inflammatory effects are main duty of magnesium whereas calcium is considered as causing inflammatory effects.

These are the main reason why we strongly recommend balancing the use of magnesium and calcium in order to prevent from any of the diseases mentioned above.