Napping Can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More…

Even though in the U.S. mid-day napping is considered a lazy habit, this is not the case with some other countries where some towns even close down in the afternoon so that everyone can go for a quick nap offering them instant strength and after that come back to work again. Therefore, if you a person that likes to take a nap during weekends, you can without guilt continue to do this as it was discovered that napping is actually healthy and normal. It is an integral part of the circadian (sleep-wake cycle) rhythm.

As the working day goes by your concentration and alertness start to decline, and even though you are trying to get focused it seems more difficult to do this. This will happen even if you had a solid night sleep. Therefore, no matter what your line of work is a mid-day nap will power your body, and after that you can continue your work fresh and boosted with energy. This mid-day nap should not last long, only 15 to 20 minutes which will be enough to provide you with extra energy and keep on working longer and more efficiently. Nowadays, the progressive and renowned companies like Google and Apple allow their employees to take a short nap after their lunch time. Namely, recent studies have already confirmed the fact that short naps can improve productivity and awareness.

A recent study conducted from the University of Colorado Boulder found out that children who weren’t napping in the afternoon hours were more anxious, didn’t show much joy and interest, and displayed lower ability in problem solving skills contrary to the children who were regularly napping. This same procedure applies also for adults. Furthermore, researchers with Berkeley revealed that adults who regularly took their mid-day nap had better learning ability and improved memory function. So, you must wonder why napping is so important, it actually provides your brain with a reboot where the short term memory is cleared out and the brain becomes refreshed and ready for more information.

What is a good nap?

Good nap should last 10 to 20 minutes, according to experts that is sufficient amount of time to refresh your brain and increase your energy and alertness. It is not a deep sleep so it will be very easy to go back to normal working state and continue performing the given tasks without any problem, but this time more refreshed and more eager to finish them on time.  However, if the nap lasts for 30 minutes then you may deal with a 30 minute grogginess period since you woke up just before the body entered deep sleep. The same thing applies for the 60 minutes sleep, just in this case the 60 minutes naps will provide you with a great memory boost. The longest naps of 90 minutes are advised for people who did not get enough sleep during the night. This 90 minutes nap is an entire sleep cycle which can improve emotional memory and creativity.

So, this is all about having an afternoon naps. They will do well for your physical and mental well-being; therefore practice them as much as possible. Likewise, you need to know that good night sleep is an essence for proper body functioning, an afternoon nap can only be a beneficial addition to the night sleep; it cannot be a replacement to it.


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