Natural Remedy to Get Rid of Painful Joints and All Sorts of Other Pains

Bone, joint or muscle pain is one of the most common condition these days, especially in the elderly or middle-aged people. When younger people feel these kinds of pain, they must certainly be worried because bone health rarely poses a problem in young people. As our bodies age, it suffers many changes. The muscle mass and bone density usually decrease as you become less physically active.

You become more prone to bone injuries and fractures. In this article we offer you a really good grandmothers’ recipe that will do wonders to keep your bones healthy, especially when you take it repeatedly. This recipe has been used by a lot of people and it consists of only three ingredients. In addition, it is very easy to prepare and it is also quite cheap. You can use to treat your joint and back pain, and also heavy feet syndrome.

You need the following ingredients:

1 cup  70% rubbing alcohol

½ cup of iodine

10 aspirin 300 mg tablets

All ingredients are readily available and can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Iodine has powerful antiseptic properties and it very effectively destroys many varieties of pathogenic forms including microscopic organisms, protozoa, fungi, bacteria or infections.

Here is how to prepare it:

– In a glass jar with lid, mix the alcohol and iodine.

– Next, crush the aspirin tablets and add them to the jar and close the lid.

– Keep it in a cool and dark place for 21 days.

– Pour a small amount of this mixture on a compress, just a little to make it wet and rub the painful areas.