Natural Spray to Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Flies in No Time!

On the market we can find different insecticides that are supposed to kill bugs very quickly and easy. These products are in fact packed with chemicals that are dangerous for your overall health. On the other hand these chemicals aren’t ecofriendly and pollute the air.

In fact you can use natural products that are chemicals free which are more effective against bugs and insects. For sure these natural products are more effective than the chemical based products.

Mosquitos are actually very dangerous creatures which can get you at danger due to the infection it can cause. Mosquito bites are causing swelling, allergies, and inflammation. We are going to present to you natural recipe that will help you never to get bitten by these creatures. Here is how to prepare it:


  1. Essential mint oil – ½ cup
  2. Veggie oil – ½ cup
  3. 9% Vinegar – ½ cup


You will need to mix all ingredients in a spray bottle and use this mixture to spray around the rooms. Feel free to use it in closed rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, but also outside yards and patios. Also you may spray this solution on the skin.

Here are some facts about mosquitos that you never knew

Mosquitos are similar to flies and have one wing set, long legs, and are very thin. The head of these creatures has proboscis and the wings and the body are very small. The size of the body usually is between 3-9mm.

Female mosquitos are the one that actually draw the blood from you. This is important for them in order to make the eggs. Also men and female mosquitos are getting flower nectar in order to feed themselves. Depending on the species they all feed with organic matter.

Mosquitos also don’t like sun so due to this reason you will see them at night and in cloudy areas.

You might not be able to recognize male or female bugs, but male mosquitos are the one that don’t feed with blood. In case the female mosquito is not able to find blood they will feed with natural sugars like males.

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