This is What You Need to Do if You Have Bad Circulation and Cold Hands and Feet All the Time!

Bad blood circulation occurs due to the blockage of the normal blood flow. Namely, the blood vessels become blocked by a greasy compound called thrombocyte that builds up inside the walls of the arteries and the veins. This blocks or disrupts the normal blood flow resulting in poor blood circulation. As a result of this the blood flow does not get to the fingers of the hands, to the toes of the feet, heart and to the rest of the body as it should, and because of that you have cold hands and feet all the time.

There are many factors or conditions that can cause bad blood circulation, including: hypertension (high blood pressure), heart diseases, aneurism, ictus cerebral, varicose veins, arterial peripheral disease, Raynaud’s disease, renal damage, arteriosclerosis, and phlebitis.

These issues with the poor circulatory system can be dealt by medications, change of lifestyle, or the use of alternative therapies. The main aim is to prevent circulatory concerns, alleviate distension, pain and speed up the process of healing.

However, there are natural solutions that can be very helpful in treating circulatory problems, such as: garlic, pepper, ginger, and ginkgo biloba. You can introduce some changes in your diet thus improving the blood circulation. Include more fiber, fruits and vegetables into your diet consumed every day. If up to now you have not drunk enough water, now is the right time, drink fresh water, at least 5 to 6 glasses a day. You can also reduce coffee and tea consumption to two cups a day.

Likewise, alcohol can have negative effect on the blood flow, therefore drink moderately. Physical activity is a must, you can walk, and do everyday chores, swim, or whatever you choose only that involves some kind of exercising. Just after several weeks you will notice positive results meaning improved blood circulation.

Introduce in your lifestyle healthy and well-balanced diet regimen. Reduce all unnecessary fats and maintain your cholesterol levels. Start the intake of omega-3 supplements in a form of pills or simply include more fish into your diet.

If you are by any chance a smoker, quit smoking immediately. Smoking by no means will improve your health, it will go bad instantly.

Some tips for improving bad circulation:

You can utilize a bottle of warm water when you are cold, specifically if you want to warm up your feet. Also you can try something that relaxes you like meditation or listening to music. It is important to find your own way of relaxation because the obtained tranquility will lower the levels of stress. If you work in an office, and sit for many hours, try to take a break of several minutes just to stretch your legs.


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