What You Never Knew About Castor Oil, But Should

Castor oil is known as great remedy that supports the process of parasite removal, laxative and purging cleanse. Many people use it for these purposes but actually forget that castor oil is great for supporting the process of healing due to the healthy properties it contains.

Even though there are lots of skin care properties, it also helps the internal organs. Many pharmaceutical companies such as Big Pharma refuse to use herbal remedies in their products because this way they increase their profits.

Here are some details on animal study which resulted with resolved toxicity issues:

One study that involved rats proved that there are not negative impacts caused by castor oil. This study also proved that castor oil is not toxic, but rather castor beans contain poisonous substance such as ricin. When castor oil is produced, the ricin toxicity is eliminated by filtering process and cold press. This way the castor oil is safe for medical use.

A comparative example could be oleander or mistletoe which are found to be hazardous and dangerous in their raw compound. Once they are processed they are safe to be used as extract. The cold press process is extremely important because it removes the ricin content completely, due to castor oil is completely safe for use. You should know that only industrial castor oil is toxic and dangerous for people and animals.

Use of castor oil as laxative or flush

If you want to use castor oil as laxative you should consume one tablespoon of food grade castor oil before you go to bed. This will help you get rid of constipation and will help you flush the gallstone. In order to feel the results you should consider using it for couple of days.

One of the Ayurvedic medicine is castor oil purge which is a mixture of two ounces of castor oil and two ounces of orange juice (fresh). You should consume it in the morning 30 minutes before you’re your meal. After you have consumed this remedy you should drink small sips of warm water for the next half an hour.

If you want to stimulate the flushing you should consider consuming 3-4 cups of warm water every 15 minutes. Also in addition you should consume light food in order to allow quicker results for flushing. This process will allow you to get rid of any parasite or tapeworms.

Use it externally in order to react internally

Edgar Cayce, a physic therapist, found that castor oil contains strong healing properties. He suggests that you should use 3-4 linens to cover the area of your skin (affected organs such as intestines, kidneys, liver). Next you need to soak the linens with castor oil (warm) and cover it with hot bottle.

Also castor oil contains many health benefits for your skin and helps you get rid of acne or fungal toenails. Since it contains strong anti-fungal and anti-viral properties it can help you heal many skin issues. For example, one lady has reported that it helped her relieve her shingles and get rid of viruses. Another person reported that it helped get rid of cyst on the shoulder.

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