New Studies Reveal Coconut & Olive Oil and Butter Are Much Better for Cooking Than Vegetable Oils! Here’s Why…

The most frequent oil for cooking is the vegetable oil, but according to recent studies this oil should be replaced by olive oil, coconut oil and butter. According to the discovery of the researchers vegetable oils can release dangerous chemical substances that can trigger cancer and also other severe illnesses.

Further researching was done on this issue, and it was revealed the name of these harmful ingredients that oils release during the cooking process, and that is aldehydes. Aldehydes are chemical substances related to cancer, dementia, heart issues, and various other serious conditions and illnesses.

One of the experts in this research was Professor Martin Drootveld, who maintains that the popular fish and chips that have been fried in grease have in their content 200 times more aldehydes than the allowed amount of them. Further on, he explains why the use of olive and coconut oil, and also butter are better solutions for frying your food; they release smaller amounts of aldehydes which is not the case with the vegetable oils.

Another expert, Dr. Stein from the Oxford University states that frying foods in sunflower oil can trigger changes in the brain. However, the NHS has declared vegetable oils safe for use when cooking.

Many researchers react strongly on this declaration of the NHS as all of them claim that vegetable oils are harmful for our body when frying and strongly recommend the use of coconut oil or butter. The reason why vegetable oils are dangerous underlines in their production as during this process the vegetable oils are subjected to dangerous chemical procedures which can result in the piling up of plenty of dangerous substances that are being released at high temperatures.

So, if you want to preserve your health, then you should avoid the intake of processed and fried foods and incorporate in your cooking healthier alternatives. Exclude the use of sunflower oil and prevent the occurrence of serious illnesses like cancer.