Nine Cancer Cures That the Medical Mafia Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Aside the conventional cancer therapy like radiation and chemotherapy, there are also natural remedies which are very helpful in treating cancers. We shall present you with nine natural cancer cures of which you may have not been aware of them up to now. However, do your own researching, but also consider the list below:

9 Natural Cancer Cures

  1. Apricot seed kernels

They are very efficient in eliminating cancer without any adverse effects. The apricot seed is very controversial as it contains cyanide which is true, but it is not poisonous. It is poisonous only for the cancer cells and it is great alternative cancer cure. Some people have already used them and showed positive results.

  1. Cannabis sativa

It is extremely old remedy dated from 2700 BC when the “Father of Chinese Medicine” discovered its healing properties. Marijuana/Medical cannabis was traditionally used by the ancient Egyptians, Persians and Greeks.

  1. Baking soda

This is the most available remedy in every store which does not cost a lot. Consume a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda on a daily basis, and your body system will be alkalized thereby impeding any cancer development. Namely, cancer cannot survive if the body cells have plenty of oxygen and if the body is not acidic.

  1. Hemp seed oil

The oil of hemp plant (cannabis sativa) which is from cold pressed seed is very powerful in the fight against cancer. It is legally purchased across health food stores. It has high content of essential fatty acid, and what is more important it does not contain the psychoactive THC substance utilized by people who smoke pot. It is a member of the achene family of fruits, considered to be a “superfood” thanks to the optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids; further on, it is consisted of 5% pure GLA, its concentration is higher than the one in spirulina.

  1. Melatonin

Believe it or not, but you can battle against free-radical damage while you are heaving your dreams, meaning in your sleep. Melatonin has been discovered 50 years ago and it has proven itself as a functionally diverse molecule with antioxidant features. Many performed experiments have showed its crucial role in the body’s defense against numerous cell-damaging free radicals as it contains 200% more antioxidant power than vitamin E. Melatonin lowers oxidative damage and it is more powerful than glutathione and vitamins C and E. It successfully battles free-radical-related diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Namely, the body has the ability to naturally produce melatonin in the brain, but if by any chance you are diabetic, borderline diabetic or you are over 55 years old, then you need supplementation. Therefore, you can consult your holistic therapist about the proper dosage.

  1. Organic garlic cloves

Garlic is a plant with over 200 biologically active substances which can successfully kill the pathogens. The mutated cells use a special enzyme that they use for to multiplication known as “ornithine decarboxylase.” By consuming garlic cloves you can block the enzyme and cut off the cancer cells “supply lines.”  In this way cancer will be beaten easily as it has no supply of the needed fuel.

  1. Reishi mushrooms

Reishi mushrooms have been used in the Far East for treating numerous diseases for over two millennia. In China, they are known as “Mushrooms of Immortality.” If these mushrooms are consumed for a longer period of time then they can lower high blood pressure, improve nerve function and stamina.

Reishi mushrooms are reachable only in health food stores, usually as a supplement or in dried powders or sold as capsules. Just go to your nearest health food store and choose your own way of consuming these healthy mushrooms.

  1. Real spring water without any fluoride having an average pH level of 8.8

If you are struggling with cancer you need to adjust your body’s pH, and every nutritionist will advise you to consume lots of raw organic vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water, and in this case the best solution would be real spring water so that your body is alkalized.

  1. Turmeric

For optimal results, you need to find an organic turmeric tincture that contains the phytonutrient curcumin which will help you in boosting your immunity. Have in mind that most turmeric sold in the U.S. contains high lead content and a high count of microbes; therefore, it is an essence to find raw, organic turmeric.

Do your own researching and try to find as much as possible natural solutions as Big Pharma and medical complex exist only for making money and raising their own profits. Therefore, consider the above mentioned options as a potential alternative for curing your cancer.