No More Dental Implants, Grow Teeth by Yourself in Only 9 Weeks

A great breakthrough has happened something that would have never occurred to you in your wildest dreams, regrowth of new teeth.  The person who has come to this futuristic discovery is Dr. Jeremy Mao the leader of Columbian University team. He maintains that there is a way to build a specific “scaffold” made from stem cells, and this place or template will allow the new tooth to grow there. This amazing breakthrough will end the era of dental surgery.

How it functions?

Dr. Mao explains that the rapid regeneration starts when the stem cells together with the tooth begin to merge with the tissue around the place where there is a missing tooth. The stem cells will help in regrowing the missing tooth.

It may be simpler to go to the dentist and replace the missing tooth, but this new method is completely natural since the tooth will come from stem cells. This method is already frequently used for broken bones and for genetic disorders.

It is an efficient method for which you will need 9 weeks, naturally under the supervision of your dentist who needs to organize and know what kind of procedures the patient needs.

Usually tooth replacement or extraction needs time for full recovery which can last up to a year, This method is for sure faster and it does not involve any foreign materials to replace the tooth.

Have also in mind that the body has difficulties in adjusting to the new foreign object. So, this method goes high in value since it is a natural solution because of which the body will not have hard time.

Nevertheless, this research is still in the testing phase and because of that it is not published yet.  However, if this method proves to be efficient the dental care will go to the highest level.

This is an amazing technology which will offer us great benefits like perfect dental health and at the same time save us money and time. It will improve our way of living and bring us one step closer to perfection. We can only hope that it will come soon thus making it available to the public.