Nothing Worse Than Having Mice in Your Home – Take Note of These 5 Home Remedies & Get Rid of Them for Good!

Mice and rats a real nuisance if you have them in your home. They multiply quickly and are very difficult to get rid of. You can call in the exterminators, but usually the chemicals they use remain in your home and in that period you need to move to some other place.

Moreover, these pests are really dangerous as they can transmit numerous diseases thus greatly endanger your health and overall well-being. Therefore, it is a must to eliminate them from your home.

Here below, we shall present you five techniques for quick elimination of mice and rats from your home.

1st Technique

Cats may be the oldest and the best solution for eliminating mice. They can easily and quickly find them in the house, and successfully hunt them. Cats are animals with nocturnal habits and they can be extremely helpful in solving this matter.

2nd Technique

Soft drinks can be of great assistance in mice removal. These beverages are lethal and deadly for the mice because they have in their content gas. All you have to do is to pour a soda in a bowl and then put it in the locations where these rodents appear. In a few days, these pests will be exterminated and your house free of mice.

3rd Technique

The plaster of Paris is also a great solution for successfully eliminating mice. Just place a particle of Paris plaster and flour in a container. Next, include 1 tablespoon of salt and put this container at all the areas where mice appear, next to another dish with water. Mice will be drawn by the mixture of salt and flour, and when they taste the water the plaster of Paris will be hardened thus mice will be terminated.

4th Technique

For efficient removal of mice chocolate powder can be used, as well. Prepare a mixture consisted of cocoa, flour and plaster of Paris, and then combine it with water. Mice cannot resist the chocolate and after its consumption the plaster will harden and the mice will be dead.

5th Technique

This technique does not kill them, but keeps them at bay. For this technique you need to put a cayenne pepper in a bowl or just sprinkle cayenne pepper in the corners of your home. Likewise, you can put cloves in the cupboards to keep them away.


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