This Olive Oil Compound Destroys Cancer Cells In Just 30 Minutes!

Most probably you have read a lot about the benefits of olive oil, but most certainly you are not aware of the latest research studies which found that it contains compound that destroys the cancer cells. This finding was published in “Molecular and Cellular Oncology” journal where the results were presented in details. The research was done in order to raise awareness on how important nutrition could be in fighting cancer.

The compound that was found is called oleocantha, and it is also effective against the following:




Alzheimer’s disease

Olive oil is amazing remedy and the compound oleocanthal that it contains is able to destroy cancer cells in half an hour. Many of you might ask how this is possible. In fact, oleocanthal uses the enzymes from the cells in the body in order to fight against cancer. The waste from the cancer cell is punctured and released.

According to this study, the overall health could be improved by alkalizing cells, healthy diet, relaxations, etc. You need to understand that pharmaceutical companies care only about their profit and nothing more. Due to these reasons you should definitely stop buying medicines and instead use natural remedies such as olive oil.