Why Are Onion So Amazing? This Is What You Need to Know!

Onions can be white, red, yellow having savory or pungent taste, but each type is extremely nutritious in any form either raw or cooked. Aside the fact that they a great flavor to any meal, they are as well as very healthy vegetable because they offer many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Onions

This vegetable is abundant with polyphenols and flavonoids which act as anti-oxidants, and as well as have anti-inflammatory features which make them useful. Onions are very beneficial for the heart and for managing blood sugar levels and they protect the body and cells from the free radicals. Moreover, they have the ability to reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Cardiovascular benefits
    The smell of onion comes from the sulfur material which is very beneficial for the heart health. Further on, the onion is the best blood thinner since it can prevent some blood clotting issues. According to conducted animal studies this vegetable can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.
  2. Regulates the blood glucose
    Thanks to the content of chromium in onions the blood sugar levels can be successfully regulated. This was concluded also by a performed research from 2010 released in Environmental Health Insights, namely the participant who ate red onions showed lower blood sugar level just after several hours of red onions consumption.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties
    The inflammation can be reduced by consuming onions as they contain sulfur, and as well as an essential element in the round portion of them, which is called “Onionin A”. This material contains anti-inflammatory features; therefore onion becomes an ideal food for persons dealing with inflammatory issues on regular basis.
  4. Better digestion
    This vegetable is packed with fiber which substantially aids the digestion and bowel movement. Likewise, they contain soluble fiber which stimulates the production of good gut bacteria.
  5. Beneficial for the bones
    Bones receive plenty of benefits from the onions consumption as this vegetable is packed with calcium and vitamin D. As per released research in Menopause in 2009, women in the pre-menopausal and post-menopausal periods showed higher density in their bones due to onions consumption.
  6. Cancer protection
    Onions may be the one of the top fighters against the risk of cancer. According to a conducted research in the University of Maryland it was revealed that onions show cancer-fighting properties, which decrease the chances of developing breast, ovarian, or endometrial cancers, and as well as prevent colon, prostate and lung cancers. All this results from the onions ability to help the body for better absorbance of a substance called “quercetin,” which includes cancer-fighting properties.

9 Home Remedies Made of Onions

There are many natural remedies which include onions for the treatment of specific ailments. These remedies are transferred from generation to generation and it is always a good idea to try them first before using any other pharmaceutical remedy.

Here are some of them:

  1. Remedy Against Vomiting

If you experience nausea and have the feeling that you are about to throw up, then onions can help you with this issues, just follow these steps:

  • First you need to grate and strain the whole liquid from a white onion.
  • Then, consume 2 small spoons of the onion juice.
  • 5 minutes later, drink a mug full of peppermint tea.
  • You need to do this several times till the vomiting stops.
  1. Remedy for Immunity Boosting

This remedy is one hundred percent natural and contains anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. Onions shows anti-oxidant features which protect the body from the harmful free radicals thus improving the immunity and successfully fighting against the chronic diseases.

Healthy Tonic Made of Onions

This tonic is extremely beneficial for treating colds, various different infections, antibiotic-resistant infections and chronic conditions.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 sliced part of white onion
  • 1 sliced part of garlic
  • 1 grated part of horseradish,
  • 1 grated part of ginger root,
  • 1 sliced part of hot peppers, (habanero, serrano, jalapeño, cayenne, or other ones),
  • 1 gallon of raw ACV (apple cider vinegar).

Method of Preparation:

Prepare all the ingredients in adequate parts meaning in ¾ of equal parts, and then place them in a glass jar. Next, pour the ACV over the ingredients and fill up the jar entirely. After that, close and shake it nicely till they all are well blended. Keep the jar in a dark and cool place for at least two weeks, but shake it daily. After the 14 days have passed, use a colander to drain the mixture into a different container. The colander should be lined with cheesecloth and the mixture placed and pressed till the wetness comes out of it. In the end, wrap the cheesecloth around the mixture and squeeze out the remaining liquid in the mixture.
Transfer the tonic into glass bottles with a funnel or you can use about 200 milliliters amber bottles or any other size.

Use: For a basic immunity boost, you need to take in 30 – 60 milliliters, at least two times a day. But, prior swallowing it put it in your mouth and gargle it a little bit.

  1. Remedy Against Warts

For this issue exist many products that promise one hundred percent removal of warts, however most of them include acids or some freezing implements which damage the healthy skin around warts thereby causing irritated and painful skin. For that reason, try the following natural remedy:

  • Start with cutting a silver onion in the same size as the wart itself. Then, apply it on the wart and secure it with a little bandage around. You need to change both the bandage and onion each day. By using this milder approach the wart will be efficiently gone.
  1. Remedy Against Irritated Eyes

The crying caused by cutting onions actually helps against any present irritants into your eyes. By producing tears you are helping the eyes to remove the debris from the eyes or some other particles in your eyes. However, do not rub your eyes because this would only worsen the situation, only follow this procedure:

  • Cut the onion in halves, and then take one half and hold it under the irritated eye, but make sure not to touch it. The eyes will produce tears by which the unwanted debris or particle will come out.
  1. Soothing Remedy for Aching Throat and Cough

Onions have in their content flavonoids, quercetin, and polyphenols which incorporate anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features thereby making them an ideal remedy for the common cold.

Needed Ingredients:

  • 1 chopped onion
  • 4 tablespoons of honey (preferably Manuka honey)
  • 1 inch of grated fresh ginger

Method of preparation:

Use a bowl and place all the ingredients in it, and mix it well. Leave the mixture to stand overnight or at least 6 hours. In this period of time, the constituents of the onion and ginger are released which the honey will efficiently absorb them.

Use: Take one small spoon of the honey in every 2 to 3 hours.

  1. Remedy for Earwax and Earache Removal

In order to solve the issue with excess earwax or to soothe those painful earaches, you can try the following natural solutions free of any chemicals:

  • Start with carving the onion by preserving the inner part of it. Next, cut the core in a shape of plug that fits the ear canal. After that plug the onion core in the ear and leave it inside during the whole night. In the morning, the onion needs to be removed and the ear cleaned. The wax will come out almost instantly.
  1. Efficient Remedy Against Intestinal Parasites

Onions have in their content sulfur substances which have anti-parasitic features. The onion juice is very efficient for the worms in the intestines, such as the thread worms and tapeworm. Take two small spoons of the onion juice two times a day for the period of 14 days.

  1. Remedy for relieving the pain of wisdom teeth

If you experience pain in your wisdom teeth, then try to chew onion or place a slice of the onion on the painful area. You can try to juice a little bit on the tooth. For the treatment of this condition, it is advised to use red or yellow onions as they are much better than the white and sweet ones.

  1. Remedy for relieving mosquito bites

The itching feeling and the swelling of the mosquito bites can be reduced by using sliced onions. What you need to do is to place a fresh onion slice on the afflicted area and the itching will stop. In the end, rinse the area.

  1. Remedy for Hair Growth

The hair will become stronger and its growth enhanced if you use onion juice due to the content of sulfur which is the primary building block for the hair. Likewise, it supports the blood flow and nourishes the hair roots. Onions incorporate anti-bacterial properties, which protect the scalp from infections that can cause hair loss.

This is the way how to prepare onion juice:

  • First peel and chop the onions into tiny pieces. Then squeeze out the juice out of them by the use of juicer, food processor or a blender. Use the juice to massage the scalp with it, and then let it stay like that for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse your hair by using a shampoo and water.