Powerful Natural Remedies to Quickly Eliminate Gastritis and Heartburn

The stomach of the human body is located in the area between the small intestine and the esophagus, and in that place most of the digestion occurs. Our stomach contains acids which have low pH levels, thus being capable to kill the bacteria that get inside the body via consumed food. In this way the intestinal tract is being protected from certain infections that can trigger diarrhea.

The human stomach is prone to infections and illness like gastritis caused by a particular inflammation of the mucosa which results from issues like bloating, heartburn, bleeding, epigastric pain, and loss of appetite.

However, you can avoid this illness by excluding certain habits from your everyday routine.

Factors that can cause gastritis:

  1. Chronic stress
  2. Pylori infection
  3. Smoking
  4. Excessive consumption of alcohol
  5. Unhealthy dietary routines
  6. Excessive use of NSAID, and other similar medications

Gastritis can be treated by the use of the conventional gastritis drugs, but most of them show harmful adverse effects which are very unpleasant for the people struggling with this health issue. Fortunately, there are some incredible natural treatments which can alleviate problems with gastritis without the negative effects common for the conventional treatments.

Natural Treatments of Gastritis

Carrot and celery juice

For the preparation of this juice you will need 2 carrots, a few celery stalks and some water. Mix them well till you get a smooth texture. Consume this juice for easing up the heartburn and soothing gastritis.

Rice water

Prepare rice water by cooking 2 handfuls of rice in a liter of water. Once it is cooked, strain the water and let it cool off. Drink this solution to relieve gastritis and decrease heartburn.

Apple and chamomile

Start with peeling and slicing the apple. Then, place it in a pan, pour some water and then include fresh chamomile flowers. Boil the mixture and after that let it cool off at room temperature. Drink this remedy on daily basis.

Parsley water

For acquiring this type of water mix 1 liter of water and add some parsley in it. Drink this solution daily, and keep it in a fridge.

Ginger and pear

Just mix both ingredients and you will obtain an amazing beverage. It displays potent antibiotic and anti-inflammatory features which are beneficial for the treatment of harmful bacteria in the stomach.