Press Your Index Finger for 60 Seconds – A Nice Miracle Will Happen in Your Body

When we feel bad, we usually go immediately to the doctor or the pharmacy. But when you learn the fascinating connections between your fingers and your organs, you will not hesitate one second to apply the following methods.

According to reflexology, each finger is associated with a healing of particular pain in the body.

  1. Thumb

The thumb is connected to the heart and lungs. If you suffer from violent palpitations or breathlessness then rub your thumb and pull it mildly. The heart rate will calm down and the breathing will slow down.

  1. Index finger

The index finger is connected to the large intestine and stomach. If you have abdominal pain or constipation, then press on the index finger one minute, rub and pull it moderately. You will soon notice an improvement.

  1. Middle finger

The middle finger is associated with the heart, the small intestine and the circulatory and respiratory systems. If you press and then rub the middle finger during a crisis of nausea, dizziness or during periods of insomnia, then you will have a marked improvement in these symptoms.

  1. Ring finger

The ring finger has a direct impact on your mood, so if you are in a bad mood or you lose patience, massage the finger and you should find a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation.

  1. Pinky

The little finger is associated with the kidneys, and even if you have a tough headache or muscle pain in the neck you can solve these problems by making a massage and pressing and gently pulling the pinky.

The palms are connected to the nervous system. If you want to protect your health and wellness, clap your hands, for example, as this is highly recommended. This stimulates the circulation and you’ll feel better and more alive than ever.

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