This Root is 10 Times Better than Ibuprofen: Reduces Inflammation, Relieves Sore Knees and Does Much More…

Almost everyone is using painkillers such as Paracetamol when they feel little pain. Many people also use Ibuprofen in order to relieve the pain they feel. In fact, both of these medications cause serious negative side-effects and also they offer only short term relieve and solution to the problem. Instead you should try and use natural remedies that are more effective than these medications. Also natural solution aren’t causing any side effects so you may get the same or better results and still avoid harm to your overall health.

One of the best natural remedy for relieving pain is turmeric. Many different research studies suggest that this root is 10 times more efficient and powerful than ibuprofen. This remedy is able easily to eliminate inflammation, pain in the knees, headaches, and many more aches. It is highly recommended to be used in case of muscle pain and inflammation.

The British Lancer Magazine has published a study which proves that ibuprofen is toxic painkiller. They have also compared this painkiller with Vioxx, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that was forbidden due to the high level of toxicity that was linked to heart diseases. On the other hand, turmeric is rich with curcumin which is consistent of polyphenols that act as great anti-inflammatory agents. Due to this properties it is one of the best remedies that relieve inflammation, and it is proven that it is more effective than ibuprofen.

According to another study which included 100 participants who suffered from osteoarthritis has shown that turmeric is extremely effective when used for painkilling purpose. During the study participants were divided in 2 groups, the first one was given ibuprofen-800mg. in order to relieve the pain, and the other group was given turmeric-2000mg. The participants were taking these dosages for 6 weeks and the pain levels have been observed closely during the day. The group that was taking the turmeric have shown lower pain levels compared to the group that was taking ibuprofen. Also, the group that was subjected to the tests of ibuprofen have shown side effects such as frequent headaches and heartburn, whereas the other group didn’t have any side effects.

Here is how to prepare this remedy for the purpose of relieving pain:


  1. Turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon
  2. Honey – 2 tablespoons
  3. Lemon – 1
  4. Water – 4 cups


You will need to heat the water until it reaches boiling point, and afterwards add turmeric. Simmer the mixture for 10-15 minutes and afterwards strain the mixture and leave it to cool down. At the end add the remaining ingredients and mix it well. Consume this mixture fresh and you will be amazed by the results. Enjoy!