Scientist Finally Discovered Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer

Red meat causes cancer, we can state this now without a doubt in our minds because scientists have already proven this. The question still remains, why it took so long to realize this important fact.

Many studies have confirmed the fact that consumption of red meat is connected to increased cancer risks, and also to certain diseases such as type II diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. However, until now we were not familiar with the facts why this occurred, but according to several researchers from the University of California suggesting that it has a lot to do with sugar Neu5Gc.

This Neu5Gc sugar is solely found in mammals (except humans) which trigger an immune response that causes inflammation. This connection of sugar and red meat was proven by a study performed on mice. The mice were fed with sugars in experimental setups where it was discovered that the sugar was causing a boost in spontaneous cancer in the mice. This sugar can be traced in pork, beef, and other livestock; as well as in cow’s milk, and some cheeses. The human body cannot produce this sugar naturally, so when after consuming it, it gets absorbed into our tissue and the body takes it as a foreign intruder.

Given the fact that the body considers it a foreign intruder consequently the immune system will respond leading to chronic inflammation which at the end will result in cancer. Persons who consume red meat on a regular basis are more prone to a more severe body reaction than from persons who consume red meat from time to time. Fortunately, we have this information available now, and we can turn to other substitutes of red meat like for instance a veggie burger.

Our health is the most crucial aspect in our lives. Therefore, limit the intake of red meat and have longer and better life. There is no need to provoke such a deadly disease like cancer, which is one of the biggest money makers, when we can change our diet knowing what we ingest every day.