Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% of Colon Cancer Cells

The American Cancer Society released statement in which they claim by the year to be 95,270 Americans with colon cancer. Also they state the method for treatment of this type of cancer will be with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. In fact, these methods for treatment are extremely dangerous and cause further health complication, so instead it is recommended to use some alternative natural treatments.

One of the most popular natural remedy with great health benefits is coconut oil. This essential oil contains properties which act against cancer. Also it contains medium-chain fatty acid known as Lauric acid. This acid is great antimicrobial agent which protects your immune system as well as it improves it.

Coconut oil has wide range of uses and it is fair to say it can be used almost against any disease. It contains high amount of anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties.
Also coconut oil is great for balancing insulin levels in the body, and it is amazing for treatment of candida fungi. Regular use of coconut oil can reduce the problems with your heart as well as preventing some hard conditions.

Coconut oil can treat colon cancer:

The Cancer Research Journal has released a research study which found that Lauric acid found in the coconut oil is the main property that acts against cancer. This property actually takes more than half of the compounds that consists coconut oil which makes it great remedy for treatment of cancer. The University of Adelaide found that coconut oil is able to remove 90% of colon cancer cells in only two days of treatment. These results have been also confirmed by in vitro research studies.

The in vitro research used a setting which was strictly controlled because it took place outside the organism. On the other hand the in vivo research took place on a living organism. There are people that don’t accept the results of the in vitro research and the link between the coconut oil and its ability to fight colon cancer. The researchers need more funding in order to make the full research independently from the pharmaceutical companies.

The American Society for Nutrition is another institution which conducted a research in regards to the medium-chain fats and the treatment of colon cancer. They found the medium-chain fats in the coconut oil actually prevent and treat gallbladder problems, viruses (hepatitis C, herpes, cancer, mononucleosis etc) and Chrohn’s illness. Also they concluded that you can avoid the side effects of chemotherapy if you only use coconut oil for treatment.

There has been some further research made on the use of coconut oil. The results have shown remarkable results which show that coconut oil can treat Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s diseases, as well as diabetes, sclerosis and epilepsy. Dr. Mary Newport started to treat her husband with high doses of coconut oil in order to treat his Alzheimer’s disease. The first results she noticed were after 60 days of treatment when his condition improved a lot. Dr. Newport also claims that the ketone bodies found in coconut oil can actually serve as great recovery agent after heart attack, as well as improve the development of brain in newborns.