What are the Silent Killers in the Kitchen That are Worse Than Sodas and Alcohol?

There are products lurking in your kitchen that can be quite harmful to human health

Did you know that conventional spices possibly contain harmful ingredients? Yes, there are spices that contain artificial colors, preservatives and GMOs. Many of the spices that most people in the US buy are processed with chemicals that contain GMOs and are exposed to radiation. The first to alert about this issue was Thomas Fricke, founder and president of ForesTrade, company which produces organic spices, which is located in Brattleboro, Vermont!

Thomas Frick argued that almost all conventional spices sold in the United States are smoked (sterilized) with hazardous chemicals. Most of these substances are banned in Europe.

The contamination of spices usually occurs during processing, storage, distribution and sale. Spices may be contaminated with insect parts, various rodent hairs and droppings. So, to get rid of these not so pleasant additions, manufacturers of conventional spices sterilize the spices with toxic chemicals such as ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide causes DNA mutations and chromosomal aberrations, which may lead to cancer. Short-term effects of ethylene oxide in humans mainly consist of problems with the central nervous system and irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes. Chronic (long-term) exposure to ethylene oxide in humans can cause problems in the functioning of the brain and nerves.

You should also know that another process of sterilizing spices is exposure to radiation. This is a process of using radiation by which to kill bacteria and other contaminants. But while the radiation is used to reduce the bacteria in the spices, this same radiation reduces the levels of vitamins and natural enzymes.

This information should be useful for everyone who lives in the United States. It should be one more reason to buy and use organic spices that give the dish a unique taste and are healthy.

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