Simple Bedtime Technique That Will Help You Fall Asleep In Minutes!

Falling asleep for some people can be a real hassle, and in most cases these people due to sleep shortage have issues in performing the daily tasks. So, if you are person with this issue, then you are at the right site as in this article we shall show you a technique which will help you how to fall asleep in just few minutes.

Having a proper sleep is of great essence for our health as if this is not the case many health problems can occur due to the sleep deficiency.

While sleeping the body recuperates and recovers from all the activities of the previous day, and if it does not get the required amount of sleep it will lead to various health concerns such as hormone imbalances, bad memory, low energy, difficulties to focus, concentration issues, and so on.

Nevertheless, by using this technique you will manage to acquire that highly needed 8 hours of deep sleep.

All you have to do is to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Preparation
You need to find your most comfortable position, and prepare.

Step 2 –Concentrate on your body
Focus on the air flow going in and out of the body while taking 3 deep breaths. Concentrate on the way how the air goes through the nose, all the way to the stomach and out through the mouth.

Step 3 – Relax
Now concentrate on each body part for a few seconds, in that way scan the whole body and let it relax and unwind.

Step 4 – Repeat
Repeat the same technique again from the head to the toes. If you have missed some body part, tense it initially, and then relax it. Repeat this a few times to enhance the mind-muscle connection, and calm the body with ease.

If this becomes frustrating, start breathing deeply so that you can relax and start all over again. Give this technique a trial period of one week, and you will see the more you practice, the less time you will need to fall asleep. Many people say that it really works.