Simple and Effective Treatment for HYPOTHYROIDISM! Here’s how to make it…

Thyroid is one of the essential glands in our body system, and if it does not function properly it affects the entire organism. It is interestingly compared to the work of a thermostat. For instance, if you turn it down, means you are hypothyroid with the following symptoms: fatigue, depression, cold sensitivity, and constipation. If you turn it high, means you are hyperthyroid including symptoms like: high heart rate, heat intolerance, and diarrhea. There isn’t better or worse condition, both of them can equally worsen your health.

Treatment of hypothyroidism- reduced secretion of thyroid hormone

Unfortunately, it cannot be early detected, and therefore slowly but surely damages the thyroid gland. Conditions like anemia, hypothermia, seizures and decreased supply of blood to the brain can occur in the late phase of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is accompanied with the following signs: tiredness, depression, feeling of confusion, hands aches, constipation, feeling cold all the time, weight gain, loss of hair or dry hair, blunt terms, slow heartbeat, slow talking, actually the disease delays every function of the body organism.

In this article we shall present you with a natural recipe for treating hypothyroidism. This condition occurs as a result of lack of iodine, and for that reason this beverage is really efficient for treating the thyroid gland, and only one dose of it can already show great results.


  • 2 lbs of raw honey
  • 40 pieces of green young walnuts

How to prepare it: First nicely wash the walnuts, when they are dried out, prick them with a knife or with a needle on several locations. Take a jar, and place the walnuts in it and include the honey. The jar should be exposed to the sun and shouldn’t be closed with a lid. When 40 days pass, strain the liquid and pour it in a glass bottle or in another jar.

Use: For optimal results, drink 1 cup of the liquid every day. The thyroid will function properly if you take in 200 micro-grams of iodine a day.