A Simple and Natural Cure for Snoring – Not Many Know About This

Snoring is a real bedroom issue especially for the ones who have to hear it; sometimes spouses cannot even sleep in the same room if one of the partners snores heavily. So, most of you who experience this issue know how badly it can affect your sleep as it happens during the night.

The reason for snoring is often as a result of misshapen or congested nose pathways, or due to obesity or alcohol consumption. Furthermore, excessive amounts of phlegm in the throat and nose can also cause snoring.

Nevertheless, we will show you a remarkable recipe which is natural and extraordinarily effective. Thanks to its regular use your snoring will stop.

It is actually a juice which is very helpful in resolving this annoying issue. Here it is how to prepare it:

Required Ingredients:

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 ginger root
  • A quarter of lemon


You will need either a juicer or a blender where you will mix all ingredients. Mix them well.


You should consume it a few hours before bedtime, and repeat it daily.

Benefits of this juice:

Thanks to the high amounts of vitamin C it will cleanse the nostrils and nasal paths. On the other hand, the ginger will soothe the pressure in the nose pathways, and the apples and carrots will clear the entire area of the nose.

Snoring can be easily treated and resolved by implementing a careful diet, natural remedies, and correct breathing since it is not a serious health issue. However, if you have tried all natural methods and still cannot treat it then you should consult your doctor regarding this matter.


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