Simple Natural Recipe That Will Help You Break Your Kidney Stones In Very Short Time!

Kidneys most commonly suffer from the formation of kidney stones which can cause infection and great pain. Kidney stones need to get broken so that they can be easily removed from the kidneys in the most natural way.

We are about to show you a treatment which can help you to eliminate your kidney stones just in 10 days. During the process of elimination you need to drink large amounts of water on a daily basis. Yet, if you have bigger stone, then it will be more difficult to remove it from your kidneys.

The key ingredient in this homemade remedy is millet which can help you to eliminate the kidney stones in less than ten days, amazing isn’t it?

This grain will melt the sand and stones in the kidneys, and also eliminate the toxic substances from your body.

Natural Recipe for Breaking Kidney Stones

Required Ingredients and Things:

  • 2 liters of water
  • 200 grams of millet
  • A pot of 3 liter
  • A jar with cover


Place the millet into warm water and let it stand overnight. In the morning,put the millet in a 3 liter pot. Next, boil the 2 liters of water and then pour the boiling water into the millet. Then, cover the pot with a lid, and let it stand like that until evening comes. In the end, stir the drink and strain the millet.

Place the solution in a jar and drinkdaily a minimum of 1 cup for about 10-15 days.