Simple Trick That Will Help You Remove Pesticides From Vegetables And Fruits!

For healthy life your diet has to be consistedof fruits and vegetables along with the other valuable nutrients. However, a large percent of the vegetables and fruits available on the market are covered with pesticides.

According to the Department of Agriculture of USA from all the samples that were tested,65% showedpositive results to the use of pesticides.

Regarding this issue an organization known as The Environmental Working Group gathers information on the content of chemicals in various foods and cosmetics as well.

This information is transparent for all the customers as anyone can access the list of the products with the most and the least chemically filled cosmetics and foods. Moreover, this list is updated every year. Nevertheless, most of the customers still choose to buy these products.

Regarding this year produce high in pesticides are snap peas, celery, little tomatoes, spinach, kale, sweet ball peppers,cucumbers,collard greens, hot peppers, purple berries, strawberries, and peaches.

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables?

First of all, make sure to buy organic food, even though it is more expensive, it is always the best choice. Whatever your choice is always wash and clean your veggies and fruits before consuming them.

In order to be on the safe side regarding the content of pesticides you can perform the following procedure. As usual wash your products nicely, and then use the white vinegar treatment recommended by the professionals.  For that purpose, you are supposed to prepare a mixture of one part water and three parts white vinegar and then transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Once it is prepared, spray the mixture on yourfruitsand vegetables. However, before rinsing them with water, make sure to rub them with comb.

As per various research studies,the use of chemicals was linked to the occurrence of numerous diseases, including cancer.For that reason, all of us need to protect our health from the influence of these harmful chemicals, therefore pay extra attention to what you are putting into your bodies, and always wash your fruits and veggies.


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