What Does Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality?!

The way how we sit determines our personality and our intentions according to the psychologists who study body language. The bottom line is that the way how we sit we do it unconsciously, and through our sub consciousness, all our hidden instincts and dreams are shown. Through certain sitting positions we can see other people’s intentions and as well as by the way they place their legs during sitting position.

Position 1

People who take this sitting position are usually led by the idea that the problem will be solved by itself. This principle sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t the problem is referred to someone else. These persons are very easy to communicate with, they have a tendency of switching easily, and they are far from dull persons. They seem to be childish hardly ever processing the same idea for a longer period of time which usually lasts for one week. However, they are captivating, and imaginative. Their typical characteristic is that they first say something, and afterwards think about what they have actually said.

Position 2

Persons who have these sitting positions are referred as to dreamers. They are creative and tend to dream about certain things, and are known as “the soul of the team or the company”.  Being in their company can never bore you because they instantly create new interesting ideas. Their social skills are at high level meaning they easily make new friendships and enjoy travelling. They have the ability to start fresh without putting too much thinking to it, just the upcoming Monday or the beginning of the New Year is sufficient for them to start all over again. As easily they can start all over again, they can as easily change their appearance, partner, business, city, and even change a state.

Position 3

These individuals perfectly know what comfort feels like. They are not the type that spend enormous amount of time to make their style perfect, yet they will spend a lot of time on choosing the best cream or perfume. Their attitude towards clothing is complex because they are extremely choosy and capricious. Other people will consider them chaotic as usually they are surrounded with chaos, but for them that is not chaos since they can find everything in it even with eyes closed. Their major drawback is the inability to focus for longer period of time, and not being capable to concentrate on something special. Moreover, they easily and prior any notice go off the topic.

Position 4

Persons who take this type of sitting position are persons who dislike not being punctual, and this not only refers to them but also to other people. They are intelligent, sensitive who will always go for bad peace then for great quarrel. Furthermore, they are introvert persons, displaying feelings in public is not their thing no matter if it is an enthusiastic kiss or god forbids a quarrel of spouses.

When the person sits in this position with the legs connected, and relying on the entire foot, then we are dealing with an open, direct, and possibly a bit insolent individual. They are also very neat by nature.

If the person wants to lift the upper part of the foot, relaying on the heels, then this means that even if he seems to be restrained, in fact he is always ready for fight or to oppose everyone. The whole world, for these types of persons, is an unfriendly surrounding, and their home usually is some kind of shelter or a fortress with walls where they can hide from all troubles or problems. If by any chance you try to object to them they fiercely fight back as they immediately get the allusion that something is not OK with them.

Position 5

Typical characteristic for these persons is not to rush into things believing that everything has its own time. For instance, if they are in a marital relationship, they will not hurry to start a family, first they will gain the necessary education then get a career, and when they will be settled accordingly, and then they will create a family. They are considered to be persistent which in some cases they can cross the line and become stubborn, however they always know their aim and eagerly strive to fulfill it thus making them very ambitious who do not stop at any obstacles. Their physical appearance is very crucial for them; therefore they will do everything what is in their power to maintain it in prefect order. Yet, they have a tiny insecurity somewhere deep in their soul, and strongly object to any criticism no matter if it is a positive or friendly.