Stroke Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Brain attack known as stroke happens once the blood flow in the brain is interrupted and it requires immediate medical attention. This condition is among the five leading causes of death in the USA, but in fact this is the same problem all across the world. Strokes can also lead to handicaps in adults.

People might experience two types of strokes, hemorrhagic and ischemic. Hemorrhagic stroke is uncommon and it is caused as a result of aneurysm burst in the brain or capillary seeping. On the other hand, ischemic stroke is more common and it is caused as a result of interruption of blood supply in the brain due to obstructed canals.

It is very important to learn about the signs and symptoms for strokes in order to be able to react as soon as possible. This is crucial if you want to increase the chances of surviving without permanent damage, but also to decrease the chances of experiencing one.

In case you notice these symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor because it is the only way to prevent this health problem and get the best treatment. Each brain stroke has unique signs and symptoms, and the consequences differ from one person to another. The common signs for strokes are the sudden appearance of the symptoms.

Here is a list of most common signs and symptoms of brain stroke:

  1. Problems with talking and expressing yourself
  2. Problems with walking and balance
  3. Numbness of your face and limbs, in most cases on one side of the body
  4. Problems with eyesight
  5. Paralysis
  6. Depression which occurs sudden

These are some advices that can help you recognize signs and symptoms quickly:

  1. Face – look at your face and see if your smile look normal
  2. Arms – raise your arms and see if one of them falls down on its own
  3. Speech – say a phrase loudly, and see if you have problems with it
  4. Time – do not waste time and get immediate attention by your doctor

You should know that these symptoms and signs appear quickly and suddenly. In case you experience any of these signs and symptoms you should call an ambulance immediately, and do not wait for the problem to fix on its own because it won’t.

Do not drive to the hospital because you will put yourself in danger of causing car accident, but rather call doctors or ambulance.

In most cases the symptoms might disappear after few minutes, but it is highly recommended to visit your doctor because it might repeat more vigorously.

Many people confuse stroke and migraine symptoms, so we believe that these advices will help you to overcome this issue. Also have in mind that these symptoms of stroke appear very quickly and suddenly whereas the headache caused by migraine is present over longer period of time.

Major difference between stroke and migraine is the fact that strokes make you lose your vision, and migraine makes you see colors and lights.

Strokes can happen to anyone, but there are groups of people that are in danger more than others. Here is a list of things that actually increases the risk:

  1. Genetics
  2. Problems with vision, migraine
  3. Problems with your heart
  4. People above 55 yeast old
  5. Hypertension
  6. Diabetes
  7. Cigarettes

The best way to prevent stroke is to be physically active and consume healthy diet. You need to make sure that you consume more fruits and vegetables, as well as exercise regularly