Study: Limes Work Better Than Nicotine Patches and Gum for Quitting Smoking Forever

Although there are many compelling reasons why to quit the bad habit of smoking, it takes quite a lot of motivation and self-discipline. Smoking habit nurtured for so many years was your companion with the morning coffees, boredom, and thinking, really will die hard. But we have a solution for you – lime.

Recent studies bring good news by showing that there is also a completely natural anti-smoking product that will help you quit smoking and throw your pack of cigarettes to where it belongs: in the trash. Lime should help you give up this bad habit in a completely natural way.

Does it really work? A study published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, compared the use and efficiency of lime and nicotine gums. Researchers have discovered that the use of lime reached almost the same level of success. At the beginning lime works slowly, but after 12 weeks, it achieved the same efficiency as the nicotine gums. This is an amazing result and a solution, which is convenient and easy, and perhaps even better than nicotine gums, which would still contain some nicotine.

How to use lime to quit smoking?

Use of lime is exactly the same way as the lemon. Squeeze the juice, put some fresh mint, ice and water, and have pleasant refreshing drink while in the same time you’re fighting to quit smoking. If you decide to quit smoking, drink water with fresh lime all day and the desire to smoke will be much less.