Top 33 Super Healthy Foods for a Healthy and Long Life

Eat food that makes you fit, healthy and beautiful! Many foods are proper nutrient bombs that can alleviate the problems and may protect against many diseases. Moreover, quite a few are also responsible for slenderness and for your beauty! This is a list of the best 33 foods for your health, so it is good to place them in your menu as often as possible, and not only because of health reasons but because they are also delicious!

For a strong heart and healthy blood pressure

  1. Olive oil is rich in simple unsaturated fatty acids. They prevent accumulation and deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. Olive oil also protects against the myocardial infarction.
  2. Seaweeds contain a lot of ballast substances that prevent overweight. Valuable omega-3 fatty acids reduce the level of fat in the blood.
  3. Garlic has long been known as a condiment, which thins the blood and lowers cholesterol. It is one of the most important foods for your heart health.
  4. Avocado contains simple unsaturated fatty acids as well as a whole multitude of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which prevent arteriosclerosis and protect the heart.
  5. Ginger has proven to be very effective food for heart health. Gingerole substance is a blood thinner, so make sure to add the ginger as spice, it can also prevent the formation of blood clots. Moreover, also it strengthens the immune system.
  6. Peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans or cashews – due to high levels of magnesium, potassium, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants they keep the blood pressure within normal limits.
  7. Apples are among the most popular and also the healthiest fruits. They take good care of our heart, because they contain pectin in abundance. This lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and protects against myocardial infarction.
  8. Celery – Its essential oils and active phthalide lower blood pressure, to alleviate tension in the walls of arteries and veins.
  9. Pomegranate This fruit is especially good for the veins. The substance punucalagin protects against the accumulation of harmful substances, and thus protects from the narrowing of blood vessels, which causes high blood pressure.

Food for the brain

  1. Sunflower seeds are great for snacks because they contain a lot of vitamin B1, which enhances concentration.
  2. Pineapple contains serotonin, which is responsible for the good mood and satisfaction. It increases healthy levels of serotonin in the body that affect your mood and makes you relaxed.
  3. Beef contains a lot of vitamin B12, which protects against memory impairment and dementia. However, the meat should be consumed in moderation.
  4. Carrots (raw or steamed) and carrot juice encourage brain circulation and are ideal protection against forgetfulness.

Good for the stomach

  1. Fennel not only stimulates blood circulation but also destroys bacteria. It also works to soothe the upset stomach. This is due to content of essential oils of this plant.
  2. White cabbage White cabbage juice is an effective remedy to all forms of stomach problems. Studies show that you can even treat stomach ulcers with it.
  3. Potato is one of the most popular foods. Neutralizes stomach acid and thus protects the gastric mucosa. They are easily digestible consumed as mashed potatoes or baked as jacket potatoes.

Anti-cancer foods

  1. Blueberries contain acid, which lowers the risk of cancer and also anthociane, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Fish (especially salmon, mackerel and tuna) Omega 3 inhibits the growth of cancer cells and induces their ‘suicide’ (aptoza).
  3. Green tea polyphenols has anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent cancer.
  4. Lemons are anyway very healthy due to its high content of vitamin C. In addition, this sour fruit also contains flavonoids, carotenoids and terpenes, which inhibit growth and destroy cancer cells.

Food for wellbeing and beauty

  1. Pumpkin is rich in substance called beta-kriptoksantinom, which is also responsible for the color of the fruit. This fruit is good for healthy and strong bones and relieves arthritis.
  2. Cheese ranks among the top foods with calcium. This mineral makes bones remain solid and strong, and protects against osteoporosis. Hard types of cheese contain most calcium, such as Parmesan or yellow cheese.
  3. Swiss chard is especially high in vitamin K. It plays an important role in the creation of the bone structure and accelerates the healing of bone fractures.
  4. Mushrooms are very high in vitamin D. This regulates the absorption of calcium from the gastro-intestinal tract and promotes the degradation of calcium in the bones.
  5. Lentils contain essential amino acids, which support muscle building and their regeneration (eg after exercising).
  6. Apricots contain beta-carotene and likopin, which protect the body from free radicals and thus also from sunlight. In addition, they promote hair growth and help with dry skin.
  7. Soybeans and tofu phytohormones stimulate hormonal receptors of the skin and transmit signals to connective tissue. This improves the thickness of the skin, moisturizes the skin and in addition is also smoothes the wrinkles.
  8. Watercress promotes good blood flow and cleanses the skin from the inside.

Weight loss foods

  1. Grapefruit for quite some time is considered as fruit which reduces weight. Studies show that actually it stimulates the metabolism and reduces appetite. In addition, it lowers the insulin level, which has a positive effect on the weight.
  2. Spinach contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. In addition, its tannins stimulate digestion and elimination of the fluid from the body.
  3. Brown rice contains amino acids called methionine and lysine, which provide a smooth fat metabolism.
  4. Skimmed milk and yogurt both contain a lot of calcium, which is one of the best “fat burners”. The more calcium in the cell, the more actively fat is burned, and the greater the weight loss.
  5. Pears stimulate digestion – ideal for dieting. In addition, they contain a lot of potassium that helps the body to eliminate excess liquid. Eat them whole without peeling.