Turmeric and Honey – The Strongest Antibiotic From Nature

Scientists have proven that turmeric has extremely potent medicinal property, and it is also widely used in culinary. Also it is known that turmeric has been used in ancient times of the Chinese culture, but also it is widely used as Indian medicine and Ayurvedic.

Many people use it as a natural medicine that treats problems with the respiratory system, liver disease, skin problems, gastric issues, sprains in muscles, cuts, and wounds.

Many studies done by reputable doctors and scientists have proven that turmeric helps fight infections, inflammation, problems with the digestion system and even cancer.

Turmeric is rich with curcumin which is great for your overall health and it provides antioxidants needed for your body, treats microbes, inflammation and others.

Also turmeric is able to treat gastritis, problems with the digestive tract, peptic and gastric ulcers. This is due to its ability to fight microbes.

The main property of turmeric, the curcumin has the following properties found by scientists:

  • It provides positive effect on the inflammation of molecules, helps the process of cell survival and DNA
  • It restores the membranes of the cells in the body and positively affects them
  • Helps and positively alters 750 genes and 150 physiological issues

Since it is already proven that turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties it helps with getting rid of the pain caused by osteoarthritis. In order to get rid of the pain you should consider consuming about 200mg of turmeric per day.

In the list of health problems that can be treated with turmeric are the following: Parkinson and Alzheimer disease, metabolic issues, liver issue, neurological issues, inflammatory problems, lung problems and others.

Recent study shows that due to its turmerone property which is found to be feeding your brain cells and boosts its function, turmeric helps to treat Alzheimer disease. This means that turmeric inhibit beta-amyloid which create plaque that helps you fight the disease without need for use of other medicine.

Studies showed that turmeric’s antioxidant, anti-cancer and inflammatory properties are so strong that it can be used to fight cancer. This means that turmeric destroys only the bad cells, whereas it leaves the healthy cells. This is not the case when you are undergoing chemotherapy.

If you mix turmeric with honey then you will get a health bomb that will boost your health. With this mixture you will improve your digestive system, it will help you fight bacteria and viruses, and will prevent bad bacteria to evolve in your digestive system.

This recipe will help you get the best health benefits of these two natural ingredients:


  1. Turmeric powder – 1 tablespoon
  2. Raw honey – 3.5 ounces

Instruction for preparation and use:

Put both ingredients in a cup and mix it thoroughly until you get one compound. In case of flu or cold you should consume it at least every two hours. Once you start feeling better (the next day) you should take one spoon every three hours.

When consuming remember not to swallow it immediately, but rather melt it in your mouth because this way the absorption of the healthy remedy will be faster. Also you may mix it with your tea if you want.