After This Type of Body Cleansing, You Will Get Rid of Back, Neck and Joint Pain!

Toxins enter into our body through the air, foods, clothes, etc. We cannot avoid them, but they have to be removed from our body system. The body is a system that can efficiently remove them by itself, but when the body is so contaminated with toxins, they start to accumulate thereby affecting the vital functions, and causing many health issues. Toxins have to be eliminated so that the body works properly. Nowadays, there are many available detox treatments; however, the most effective one is the rice-detox treatment.

Rice-detox method

1.If you are 30 years old, use 30 tablespoons of brown rice , that is, use as much as brown rice to the number of your years.

2. You need to rinse it well and put it in a jar.

3. Then pour in hot water, cover it with a lid, and leave it to stay in a fridge.

4. The following morning, strain the liquid, and cook a tablespoon of rice for 3 to 4 minutes without including any salt.

5. Best way for consuming the cooked rice is on empty stomach after you get up from bed.

6. Then again pour hot water over the remaining rice in your jar and store it in your refrigerator till the following morning. The procedure is same as the first time.

7. The cleansing treatment needs to be repeated each day till the rice is finished.


What is the secret of this method?

The secret is in the crystalline structure of rice grains. When the rice is soaked, the starch and grains are removed. Prepared like this, the rice is digested in the intestines, not in the stomach, so it serves as absorbent.

The rice-method aids blood vessels, intestines, joints and other parts of the body to release toxins, chemicals and heavy metals. This method regulates metabolism and weight; therefore, it will make you healthier and younger.

Nutritionists recommend that after eating the rice in the morning, you should not eat or drink anything for at least 3 hours. Don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters of liquids every day, most preferably water and green tea.

Rice cleansing relieves ailments like back, neck and joint pain. However, you should be aware of the fact that the pain will not go away immediately. The results will show off within two weeks and for surely you will notice them. The flushing of the body toxins will be through urine and feces. Your urine will change its color and become blurry, but there is nothing to worry about.

After the rice-detox treatment is finished, your body will initiate its self-cleaning process which will last for a few months. When the process finishes your body will boost with health and beauty.