Unbelievable! Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems!

In the past, there weren’t a large number of medicines or drugs like we have today. People used simple ingredients and efficiently treated their ailments. Nowadays we have plenty meds which at some point will solve our health condition, but at the same time will do certain damage to our body. Therefore, people start to turn to the traditional remedies which are efficient without the side effects.

One of these remedies is castor oil which is often recommended by holistic medicine. It has the ability to treat numerous health conditions, and it is well-known for its benefits on circulation, and because of that it is used as coating.

When castor oil is combined with baking soda then its efficiency is higher and more powerful.

How to prepare a castor oil coating?

Prior application, you need to clean the area with a solution of baking soda. Then you will need cold pressed castor oil, clean gauze, towel, bottle of warm water, and a plastic foil.

After you have acquired all these ingredients, you should heat the oil, and then apply it on the afflicted area by soaking the gauze in it. The treated area needs to be covered with foil. Next, put the bottle with warm water on it and wrap it with the towel. Leave it to stay like that for one hour.

For best outcomes, the procedure has to be repeated each day for 40 days.

Castor oil deals with numerous ailments and health issues

The healing process of bruises, wounds, and cuts will be accelerated by the use of castor oil.

  1. Allergies – to treat them consume 5 drops of castor oil each day, in the morning.
  2. Alcohol addiction and nicotine – both can be treated by drinking a few drops of castor oil daily.
  3. Bee stings – and their swellings can be eliminated by applying castor oil on them.
  4. Cataracts – you can cure it by dropping a drop every night before bedtime.
  5. Chronic diarrhea – to treat it, apply coatings soaked in castor oil on the stomach.
  6. Dark spots– on the face can be eliminated by mixing castor oil and baking soda.
  7. Deposits of calcium – can be removed by massaging the soles with the oil daily.
  8. Eye allergies – in order to treat them rub some castor oil on the eyelid before going to sleep.
  9. Fungal infection – can be eliminated with the daily use of castor oil coatings.
  10. Hepatitis – is also treated with castor oil.
  11. Hearing – can be improved by putting a few drops of castor oil in the ear.
  12. Hair growth – to stimulate hair growth massage the scalp with castor oil 20 minutes before shampooing.
  13. Hyperactivity – to treat it, place soaked castor oil coatings on the stomach.
  14. Moles – can be eliminated by rubbing castor oil on them for 1 month.
  15. Pain in the lower back– can be relieved by applying coatings soaked in the oil for 1 week.
  16. Pilonidalcyst – can be treated by the use of castor oil.
  17. Strained ankle – to treat it, wrap a coating of castor oil and leave to stay during the night.
  18. Stretch marks – can be prevented if in the last 2 months of pregnancy you massage your stomach with castor oil.
  19. Skin cancer – can be treated by mixing castor oil and baking soda.
  20. Snoring – can be stopped by applying soaked castor oil coatings on the stomach for 2 weeks.
  21. Tinnitus – can be completely removed by drinking 6 to 8 drops of castor oil for 4 months.
  22. Vocal cords nodules and chronic hoarseness – treat both conditions by regularly applying soaked castor oil coating on the neck.
  23. Warts – to get rid of them, rub the affected area with castor oil for 1 month.


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