The Whole World Celebrates This News: Doctors Cure for Vitiligo. Know the Details!

Vitiligo is affecting more people than the past decades. This is illness which triggers the loss of skin color. No one can predict the rate of color loss from vitiligo and it can impact any part of the body. So far there are many different treatments that can help you treat this condition, but in fact they are not as helpful as people want. Also these treatments are completely uncertain and there are not so favorable outcomes for whoever is using it.

The Cuban Havana Center for Histotherapy has revealed amazing innovative treatment which includes drug called Melagenina Plus. This drug is actually made of human placenta and has great potential to stimulate the production of melanocytes. So far, all research studies have revealed that this technique is very successful.

Research studies have proved that this treatment is successful in 86% of the cases, meaning that these people were actually cured. To be honest this is great rate of success. What makes this remedy so appealing is the fact it has no side effects and can be used by everyone including kids and pregnant women. The efficiency of this treatment depend on this:

  1. Age
  2. Race
  3. % of body affected
  4. Appropriate use of the treatment
  5. Period of time being affected with the disease
  6. Location of the affected area

This treatment lasts for three days and includes:

1st day: It includes presentation of the innovative and ingenious treatment for vitiligo at specialized medical conference where the assessment is done, and the treatment starts. In case the patient requires consultation with psychologist it will be free of charge.

2nd and 3rd day: Presenting the use of Melagenina Plus in order the patient to know how to continue the treatment at their house. Patients will get all details for the use of this technique and how to apply it, the correct dosage and the duration. Also it is not required for the patient to go the medical facility to get the treatment, but rather it can be done at the comfort of their home.


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