Wisdom Teeth Dental SCAM: Here’s Why You Need Your Wisdom Teeth

Most of us have extracted our wisdom teeth, usually recommended by our dentists, as not really necessary for our mouth cavity. However, every part in our body including our wisdom teeth has crucial part in the whole body system. Nonetheless, we are never well enough informed regarding these matters. The common belief is that we do not need wisdom teeth, and that they just make crowd in our mouth. It is true that they most frequently suffer from tooth decay, but if they are properly taken care of they can be kept and not removed as every part of our body is for some purpose there. We did some thorough researches regarding this matter, and this is what we found out.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth or also known as the Third Molars are our furthest back teeth in the mouth. They come out in late teens or early twenties, giving us the necessary “life wisdom”. The percentage of unnecessary wisdom teeth extraction is rather high, amazingly 67%, according to a report released in the American Journal of Public Health. Namely, out of 10 million wisdom teeth extractions in U.S. every year, only 20 of them proved to be necessary. The old misbelief that wisdom teeth cause various kinds of diseases is absolutely not true. We do not want even to mention the fact how much the dental industry profits from this misbelief (approximately billion dollars a year).

Even in the 1900s, Dr. Weston A. Price performed an extensive research on the link between oral health and diseases. He found out that native tribes, with their traditional diets, did not know what tooth decay is. His findings lead to a conclusion that dental and overall health lie in nutrition. This discovery, nowadays, is practiced by holistic dentists who are aware of the fact that if you supply enough nutrients to the jaw bone during its development, all 32 teeth, including wisdom teeth will take proper place in the mouth without crowding. So, as always proper nutrition is the key for healthy wisdom teeth.

Another scientist, Dr. Weston Price, continued the research with these tribes and found out the moment the tribes started to consume sugar and white flour, their impeccable healthy teeth, rapidly deteriorated.

Why we need wisdom teeth?

As everything is connected in our body, wisdom teeth are also connected to the body organs like our small intestine and the front of our pituitary gland, according to acupuncture meridians. Namely, 46 % of the motor and sensory nerves in the brain’s cerebral cortex are interconnected to our mouth and face. Therefore, when a tooth is extracted, it disturbs and breaks an acupuncture meridian that flows through the area of that tooth. This meridian acupuncture system is well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 5000 years where it is shown the crucial connection among our teeth and our spinal segments, organs, vertebrae, joints, and endocrine glands.

The latest data shows that between 57,000 and 175,000 people after wisdom teeth extractions have experienced permanent tingling, numbness or prickling caused by nerve damage. This is another proof that all of our teeth are linked via nervous system pathways to every part of our body. Even though, for most Americans this is a simple surgery, wisdom tooth extraction may give severe health threats resulting in sudden death.

Therefore, we strongly advise you not to extract your wisdom teeth unless it is not highly necessary as according to Jay Friedman, a California-based dental consultant, more than two-thirds of all wisdom tooth extractions are medically unnecessary.


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