This Woman Lost 100 Pounds and She Reveals Her Secret to Losing Weight

Weight loss is a long and difficult process that requires an iron will and patience. To successfully reach the goal, we must be willing to change our lifestyle and diet and expect to meet daily challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with food temptations. In this article, we’ll present you the testimony of a young Canadian mother who managed to lose 100 pounds.

Overweight and obesity are very common phenomena these days which affect all age groups. This may be due to genetic predisposition or certain health problems (hormonal changes or certain medications), but the most common causes are rather poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

So to help you fight and eliminate those extra pounds and to preserve your health and improve your appearance and your self-confidence, here are the changes that you must absolutely bring to your everyday life.

How to get rid of excess weight and lose weight?

1 – A healthy, balanced diet

Speaking of weight, it all starts in our plate. You must banish all processed and industrial foods full of fat, sugar, artificial flavors and additives. These are entering the body a significant amount of free radicals and toxins that cause a generalized inflammatory state and encourage overproduction and storage of fat.

It is therefore advised to turn to fruits and vegetables, nuts and other organic foods rich in nutrients and fiber that improve digestion, fight free radicals and provide the body with a sustainable and sufficient energy.

2 – Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration is another key to weight loss. The body loses its moisture through urine and sweat, so it is important to replace the fluids removed in order to preserve an adequate level of hydration, responsible for the operation of its various tissues and organs. So, drink plenty of water, 6 cups per day minimum, it helps eliminate waste and toxins responsible for the accumulation of fat, and prevents water retention phenomenon.

3 – Regular physical activity

Because of new temptation technologies, there are few who do not spend their day sitting in front of their computer. But this excessive inactivity is the source of many ills, including weight gain, melting muscle, joint pain and muscle cramps.

It is highly recommended to ensure your body a minimum of activity that will help improve blood circulation, to preserve the strength and tone of the muscles and burn excess fat and calories. If you do not have time to sign up for a gym, simple habits can change your life: use the stairs instead of the elevator, do not take the car for short distances, do 20 minutes of walking in the late afternoon and take 5 minutes in every 2 hours to walk into your office and stretch your muscles.

Testimony of a young Canadian mom

Lindsey Briand is a young Canadian woman of thirty, who was keen to share with the world her experience with weight loss. Lindsey was an active young woman who lived a life unhindered. But during her first pregnancy, she gained much weight and let herself go after giving the birth, until her weight reached 260 pounds.

Four years after the birth of her child, it was her little boy that sparked the desire to lose weight, the day he sadly said that he could not rich his arms around her when he wanted to hug her. This innocent statement was the motivation of this young mother, who began by completely stopping the intake of unhealthy sugars and processed foods, and replaced them with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc. She also started to do some exercises and walking every day, despite the shortness of breath and fatigue she felt from the first steps.

After nearly 18 months of hard work and patience, Lindsey managed to lose over 100 pounds, to find a more harmonious body and improved physical endurance.

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