Woman Stuns Doctors by Healing Her Own Cancer. These Are the Fruits That Helped Her

Candice Marie Fox was 31 years old when she noticed a lump just above her collar bone which was proven to be thyroid cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer and the prognosis for her remaining lifespan was less than 5 years. Fortunately, this doctors’ prognosis was not fulfilled. Naturally, she started treating the cancer with the traditional cancer treatment, but the cancer spread to other organs. When 2 of her friends died of cancer she concluded that her friends did not die of the cancer itself but from the harmful cancer treatments, and because of that she did not continue with the chemotherapy. She chose not to listen to the doctor’s advice after she has done thorough researching; she decided to abort the therapy which additionally damaged her body.

She started her own diet consisted of 3 pineapples each day. She also ate other fruits such as lemons, grapefruit, apples, papaya, bananas, and kiwi; however she utterly stopped eating animal protein. The results were amazing which astonished her doctors also; she was free of cancer in just six months.

Ms. Fox explains this treatment as bringing your own cancer to starvation. In her researching she found out that the bromelain from the pineapple, papaya and kiwi, kills the protein layer of the cancer, which was not the case with the animal proteins. These animal proteins feed the cancer meaning when a person ingests heavy meals their energy is directed towards food indigestion so the body is left with little energy to heal itself. She managed to save her life by consuming lot of fruits most of the time.

She recovered miraculously because the compound bromelain has the ability to efficiently kill cancer cells. However, Candice likewise eliminated habits and toxic products from her everyday life which according to her fed the cancer. Those are: smoking, household cleaning products, cosmetics and reduced stress as much as possible. She claims that proper diet is the crucial issue in the fight against cancer. Aside the fact that nutrition is extremely important also exercising on regular basis, positive attitude and higher spirit are having the crucial role in the ongoing battle with cancer.

This lady is a living proof how we can successfully fight cancer in the most natural way without the use of the popularized cancer treatment industry. Nevertheless, this way of treatment you can also introduce in your daily life and acquire all its benefits, you can prevent cancer before it is even diagnosed.