Wrap Your Feet in Some Aluminum Foil. 1 Hour Later? Incredible…

The aluminum foil is one of the flagship products in the kitchen. It is found in every home and most people use it to cover the food leftovers or pack the sandwich to take away. But have you ever thought about wrapping a part of your body with aluminum foil? Here are five reasons that show that this is not a bad idea.

Treats flu

When flu symptoms appear, you’ll be glad to know this trick. It is possible to get rid of certain symptoms simply by using aluminum foil and without medication. Wrap your foot in 5-7 layers of foil and wait for 1 hour. The foil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help ease flu symptoms. Then let your feet breathe for 2 hours, and repeat. You will notice a marked improvement after a few days. Of course, remember to consult your doctor if symptoms persist beyond a week.

Relieves burns

Hardly anyone knows that the tin foil is ideal for burns. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin recommend treating recent burns with aluminum foil. However, you must first put the burn under cold water, gently clean and dry it with a clean towel. After applying adequate lotion, wrap aluminum foil around the wound and close it with tape. Don’t move too much and wait a while before the pain disappears.

Say goodbye to fatigue

A lack of sleep or too stressful day can sometimes overwhelm you and even completely prevent you from doing simple tasks around house. The foil is here to give you a boost and help you get through the day with more vigor. Take some strips of aluminum foil and place in the freezer. After 2-3 hours, put them on your cheeks and eyelids. You will immediately feel your muscles relax. Once you are completely relaxed, remove the foil and enjoy the feeling of well-being!

Eliminates joint pain

The foil is extremely salutary for people with arthritis, gout or sciatica. Wrap the part of your body that hurts with aluminum foil and go to bed. Leave it all night. Repeat for 10 days and then make a two-week break before resuming the treatment. You will be pleasantly surprised how effective this trick is.

Make beautiful curls on your hair with aluminum foil

With aluminum foil you can make beautiful curls on your hair! This trick requires a lot of time and patience, but it is easy to do and the result is guaranteed!

Follow the steps in the video:

Awesome ! Who would have thought that the aluminum foil could be used in so many ways?

Source: dayofhealthy.com