10 ‘EERIE’ Symptoms Which Indicate That You Had a Silent Stroke and That Another One Will Soon Follow

Despite the common belief that stroke can happen only to old people you need to be aware of the fact that it can happen to anyone. For that reason, early detection is of essence if you want to prevent further damage to your health, and to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Here below are the ten symptoms:

  1. Loss of vision or fuzzy vision
    When a stroke starts the vision weakens on one or both eyes. Even 44% of people who have experienced a stroke reported loss of vision as a symptom.
  2. Trouble speaking and difficulty understanding speech
    You may feel delirious and lose the ability to speak, which frequently leads to confusion.
  3. Trouble catching breath and tremors
    If you are about to have a stroke then you may feel a rapid loss of breath and trouble breathing. This indicates heart arrhythmia as a result of oxygen absence.
  4. Sudden headache or vertigo
    If you are a lady below 45 and experience vertigo, then this is a common symptom of a stroke. Therefore, always seek for medical attention if you have vertigo.
  5. Trouble walking and loss of balance
    Sudden feeling of sluggishness and weakness in the upper and lower extremities may be a probable sign of a stroke. As a result of this condition, paralysis or a collapse may occur. In number of cases, paralysis is related to stroke. However, you can check if you are at risk of getting this condition by spreading your arms with the palms up and keeping them for 10 seconds. If one hand falls, this indicates weakened muscles.
  6. Headaches and migraine
    Painful headache is a common symptom during a stroke. According to studies, 588 volunteers reported sharp headache with stroke. In fact, most of them were young people with migraines. However, this is more common symptom in women.
  7. Continuing hiccups
    Likewise, this is typical for women and it occurs as a result of the stroke attacking the breathing center in the brain.
  8. Facial paralysis
    If paralysis occur on one side, then this is a common sign of a stroke.
  9. Pain on one side of the face
    Experiencing pain is not a common symptom of a stroke. Yet, if you feel unexpected pain in your extremities or on one side of the face, you may be having a stroke.
  10. Fatigue
    Many conducted studies showed that women experience more symptoms like confusion, disorientation, and fatigue than men. All these symptoms are sure signs for stroke.

Let us conclude, if you want to prevent strokes, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, implement physical activity, and rest. Balance your weight and reduce alcohol intake and cut on cigarettes.