10 Good Reasons Why You Should Drink a Beer! Number 4 is Very Important

In this article we are not suggesting that consuming alcohol will be good for your health, we only want to specify that if you drink moderately, for instance, one beer a day, your body system will gain many health benefits. On the other hand, excessive consumption of alcohol will negatively impact the whole body, especially the brain and liver. Alcohol (wine, beer, and liquor) is actually a central nervous system depressant.

Beer can be very beneficial for your health as it is rich in vitamin B and protein even more than wine and the amount of the antioxidants is same as the wine.

Likewise, beer has plenty flavonoids known to be potent antioxidants, also it is abundant with minerals that are very important for many metabolic processes. Provided that you consume it moderately, beer for sure can enhance your health.

10 Good Reasons for Drinking “ONE” (but only one) Beer a Day:

  1. This beverage can reduce bad cholesterol due to the fiber in it which efficiently lowers LDL cholesterol levels.
  2. Beer has the ability to successfully prevent formation of blood clots.
  3. It stimulates proper function of kidneys, namely one bottle of this drink a day will reduce the risk of forming kidney stones by 40%.
  4. Beer enhances the bones thanks to the high silicon content which leads to higher bone density.
  5. Beer is actually an incredible source of several B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12), and in that way boosts the vitamin B levels in your body. It has been proven by experts that individuals that consume beer have 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 contrary to the non-drinking individuals. Moreover, this percentage is double compared to the levels of wine drinkers. This beneficial drink is extremely abundant with vitamin B12.
  6. Furthermore, it can lower the risk of a heart attack which was proven by scientists stating that beer drinkers are at 40 to 60%lowered risk of having a heart attack compared to non-beer drinkers.
  7. It contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid; if you have problems sleeping these substances contained in the beer will help you fall asleep easily.
  8. This beverage stimulates proper function of the brain thus the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is reduced for beer consumers.
  9. Beer is very beneficial for your skin, especially for the pigmentation and its regeneration. Your skin will be healthy, smooth, and youthful.
  10. Last but not least is the benefit against stress. A study carried out at the University of Montreal revealed that drinking two glasses of beer on a daily basis will lower work-related stress or anxiety.