10 Medicine Ball Moves to Tone Every Muscle in Your Body

Your body will get the shape that you have always wanted to have and those wonderfully toned muscle thanks to the performance of certain exercises that involve the use of medicine ball. Moreover, these movements can be done at the comfort of your home.

Medicine balls nowadays are large, firm rubber balls having the weight range of 2 to over 20 pounds. However, they are not something new and a trait of the modern world; in fact they have existed even in the time of Hippocrates. The father of medicine for his medicine balls used stuffed animal skins with heavy objects which were given to his patients to help them recover from injuries.

This concept has stood the test of time and the balls have become a great tool in enhancing the body’s strength, endurance, and balance. Plus, they do not cost a lot and can be kept in your home thus easily available all the time.

10 Effective Medicine Ball Exercises

For best effect follow the 20-minute routine, but before you begin you need to warm up for 10 minutes. You can try brisk walking or walking in place and after that you can use a heavier medicine ball and start the exercising. You should combine at least five of the moves below and perform them for 20 minutes.

Here it is how this routine should look like:

The 20-minute Routine

  • Mountain climbers – 1 minute
  • Rest – 20 seconds
  • Overhead squat- 1 minute
  • Rest- 20 seconds
  • Russian Twists- 1 minute
  • Rest- 20 seconds
  • Superman- 1 minute
  • Rest- 20 seconds
  • Toe Touch- 1 minute
  • Rest- 20 seconds
  • Repeat this pattern 3 times, and you are done.

Here are the ball exercises that will boost the shape of your body:

1. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers boost blood circulation and represent a whole-body workout.

Instructions in Steps:

Step 1 – Take a plank position with your medicine ball underneath the hands.

Step 2 – Maintain a straight back and neck, and then bring your right knee up toward your chest. Next, extend it and almost immediately bring your other knee up toward your chest. Make certain that your core is engaged all the time.

Step 3 – Perform this movement for half a minute. Rest for half a minute, and do it two times.

2. Overhead squat