10 Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Mind, Body and Metabolism in 5 Minutes

Rising up early in the morning can be extremely efficient and productive if you know how to organize your time. If you do not achieve this, then there is no reason of getting up so early in the morning. So, get up early in the morning with positive thoughts for the upcoming day and finding ways how to properly use it for fulfilling your given tasks. Moreover, introduce certain habits that will boost your body and mind.

This can be easily achieved if you include certain beneficial morning rituals which will be of great assistance to you in achieving some amazing results with time. Here are ten of them:

10 Top Morning Rituals

  1. Set body’s internal clock

Each person has an internal clock, which controls the natural cycle of the sleeping and waking hours. Further on,each one of us has its own sleep schedule which is related with the melatonin release. Melatonin is a hormone which aids in the regulation of sleep and wake cycles.Thelevels of melatonin increase in the mid to late evenings, which stay high during the most part of the night, and start to decrease early in the mornings. Therefore, if you have more than 9 hours of sleep, then this hormone is produced in higher levels. There are plenty of melatonin supplements which commonly are safe for use provided that they are consumed in low dosages for short-term and long-lasting uses. But, since it is a supplement, you will need a doctor’s approval for taking it.

  1. Make sure to wake up on time

Once your morning alarm starts, do not ignore it for the next five to ten minutes, but get up immediately as if you postpone your getting up it will bring you only anxiety and depression.

  1. Stretch

When you wake up in the morning, stretch, so that you relax your muscles and body.Once you initiate this routine you will feel less tired of getting up in the mornings, you will do it quickly and without any pains or tightness.

  1. Exercise

The ideal start up of the day is performance of exercises because mornings are the perfect time for energizing your body. You may think that it is extremely difficult to do this, but even the busiest people in the world do this, so you can do it as well.

  1. Eat your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; therefore do not skip it by any means. Make sure your breakfast is consisted of foods rich in iron.The intake of proper amount of iron into your daily regime will improve your energy levels and as well as prevent the onset of anemia. Prepare your breakfast meal with some of these ingredients: eggs, beans or peanut butter, pasta, bread, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and cereals high in iron.

  1. Drink lemon water

Start your day with a glass of lemon water, believe us this will do you more good than the cup of coffee. It will boost your metabolism, raise your energy levels, improve your digestion and reduce those constant cravings.

  1. Read before bedtime

Switch off all of your electronic devices one hour before going to sleep. This also applies for your TV, try to read a book which will make you more interested and relaxed than staring at the TV set. In the morning you will get up fresh and eager for work.

  1. Wear more comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes have the ability to relax your body and as well as your mind. Start your day feeling cozy and comfortable.

  1. Try not to sleep in

Having fixed sleeping routine, means waking up at the same time every day. If this is not done every day then the sleeping pattern will not function. So, there is no room for sleep in not even for weekends.

  1. Practice meditation

Start your day with 5 minutes of meditation and enjoy the silence. You can as well as listen to some relaxing music aside practicing meditation, picture your future successes or just be grateful for the things and persons in your life.