10 Plants That Attract Positive Energy

It is very common to use different types of plants to cheer up the home or office. Besides the decorative touch they bring, these plants purify and freshen the air in our homes and offices, which can be much polluted due to the use of cleaning products, etc. But do you know that plants can be also attract positive energy and drive away negative waves?

According to several experts, some plants can promote positive waves and provide a feeling of calmness and wellbeing. And since we are very vulnerable to the negative energies that can easily influence our thoughts and our daily life, having these plants at home could protect us from these bad vibes.

Here are 10 plants that can refresh the air and attract positive energy

Besides the beauty of its leaves and its exquisite scent, jasmine brings happiness and prosperity to relationships. It is advisable to put this plant in the bedroom or any other room where couples spend most of their time, because it helps to strengthen the relationship and enhance romance.

Bamboo is a more and more popular plant used for modern and sophisticated look of the houses or offices. Bamboo is also known as lucky (lucky bamboo), this plant can attract positive energy at home. According to beliefs, it gives purity, peace and a feeling of comfort.

Thorny and devoid of leaves, cactus is certainly not the first plant that comes to mind to attract positive vibes. But this plant has in fact this capacity. The cactus can deter hypocrites, intruders and jealousy. It also helps to absorb the energy of electromagnetic waves emitted by household appliances.

Used since ancient times in different cultures for its medicinal properties, rosemary is reputed to attract true love and happiness. Therefore place a rosemary plant in a corner of your home to enjoy its benefits. You can also fill small cloth bags of rosemary leaves and place them in different places in your home to strengthen the loyalty of the people around you.

Well known for its therapeutic properties, this plant can hunt jealousy and protect from hex. Spearmint provides a feeling of well-being and can even provide economic prosperity, according to some beliefs.

Thyme has long been regarded as a plant that can eliminate the bad vibes from the atmosphere. This is a plant that purifies the air, increases self-confidence and prevents nightmares.

Mint is a plant used by our ancestors for preparation of many remedies. It is excellent to freshen the breath, brings many benefits for the overall health, fights against insomnia and also has the ability to promote positive energy. According to some beliefs, this plant can combat negative waves as well as improve family communication.

Aloe vera
The virtues of aloe vera are numerous. Used in a variety of beauty recipes to protect the skin and hair, this plant can also protect against the negative waves, jealousy and bad fortune. Aloe vera has the ability to attract prosperity and positive energy.

Chrysanthemum (Mums)
This plant gives freshness to the home and can also bring a sense of well-being and promote good mood and relaxation. It is recommended to place the mums in spaces where there is a lot of tension.

Eucalyptus is a recommended plant for the offices or stores because it attracts financial prosperity. It also has the ability to protect against negative energies and keep away jealous people.
Eucalyptus is also ideal for homes, since it helps to have a good night sleep.

Source: healthymagician.com