10 Reasons Why People Who Have Big Sisters Are Really Blessed

Siblings are very important in a person’s life, but there is nothing better than having an older sister who is always there for you.

A big sister is there for you to cover you when you have done something mischievous or you are simply being late after night out with your friends.

She is for sure your best friend and to her you can always confide in without being hurt. Moreover, she will give you an honest opinion and always protect your own interests. She is your partner in crime, your other mom, a companion when needed and so much more.

Having an older sitter is a blessing in your life and if you have not been fully aware of this up to now, here are 10 things that will tell you that.

10 Blessing of Having an Older Sister

1. She knows you better than anyone

A big sister may even know you better than you do so. She knows your favorite color, meal, habit, behavior, etc. She immediately recognizes the reason why you are doing certain things like the simple wearing of certain apparel, and what is most important she is the one that knows what makes you sad or happy.

2. In front of her you can be your true self

You can stop pretending when you are near your sister as she knows everything about you and in her company you are yourself. She knows all your flaws and she will not complain about the little mistakes you are making from time to time. But, she will openly tell you when you are doing something wrong and that will not be a harsh criticism but a simple observation of your doing something wrong. This will not hurt you as you already know that she is right and there will be for sure her inevitable hug and kiss for a great comfort.

3. She is your mediator with your parents

If you are the younger sister it is most likely that you will break the set curfew from your parents, but your big sister will be there to alleviate the things. She will also try to smooth the things between you and your parents. If you have a boyfriend that your parents do not approve she will do her best to appease the situation as she has already been through such thing.

4. A person that is always there for you

In our life we shall have people that will come and go, even the ones that we have considered them as true friends. But, when it comes to your sister she would be your ultimate true friend and always be there by your side no matter if it is good or bad.

5. She will always forgive you

It is normal to have arguments with your sister and you may even hurt her, but being a big sister there will be always a place for you in her heart and she will always forgive you. This may not happen with your friends and in the hardest times of life they will not be willing to stick by your side and forgive you for the done mistakes. But, your big sister will stick by you and help you whenever you need her.

6. She will be the best aunt of your children

They are the best aunts as they have most likely before you become mothers and know how to handle children. But, even in cases when they do not have children they are the ones that will spoil your children and take good care of them loving them as they were their own.

7. You can always confide your secrets with your sister

Your sister knows your first kiss, first boyfriend, first heartbreak and she will offer the biggest comfort. Revealing your secrets to her will be always save for you as you know that she will never break your trust and be there to offer an honest opinion about your situation.

8. Her advice is the best

She is the one who knows you the best and maybe even better from your own parents. Therefore, she knows what is best for you and because of that she is your best advisor in life.

9. Your life is more interesting thanks to your big sis

She is the one that will always break the ice with your parents in terms of friends and boyfriends. Through her you will see the new trends and always be in advantage than your peers. She will take you to some interesting places or band and most likely with her you will buy your first lipstick.

10. Your sis is the second mom

She will be there to defend you from all the mean people in the world. She will always love you, take care of you and be there for you as your mom would.

Hence, make sure to show your love, respect and appreciation towards her from time to time. Never forget to call her on her special days as she is your second soul and deserves to be treated as such.