10 Serious Health Problems That Your Nails Can Reveal

Nails, like every part of the skin can be a window into our internal physical and psychological state. Their texture, shape and color can reveal our real condition or serious dysfunction of our vital body functions. Here is a list of 10 symptoms that should challenge you.

Yellow nails: This may be due to aging, the use of artificial nails or tobacco. Sometimes it is a sign of a fungal infection that needs to be treated. Also, yellow nail is a sign of thyroid disease, diabetes, psoriasis or respiratory diseases (such as chronic bronchitis).

Cracked, dry and brittle nails: This is a sign of exposure to water and detergents. It also indicates hypothyroidism or deficiency in vitamin A, C and B.

Deformed, expanded and curved nails: It is a sign of a lack of oxygen in the blood .This indicates lung disease, liver or kidney disease, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease and AIDS.

White spots on the nails: This indicates scars of injuries or fungal infection.

Horizontal stripes: Trauma or infection. This also indicates psoriasis, zinc deficiency or blood diseases such as malaria, Hodgkin lymphoma or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Vertical lines: It is an aging sign or deficiencies of vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Curved nails: It indicates severe anemia, heart disease and hypothyroidism.

Deformation, bumps and pits: This is a sign of psoriasis, or autoimmune diseases.

Discoloration and black stripes: It indicates melanoma. Consult your doctor immediately.

White Nails with a Strip of Pink: This is known as Terry’s nails. It could be a sign of liver disease, congestive heart failure, kidney failure or diabetes. Sometimes Terry’s nails may also be due to aging.