10 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest

Every person has been dumped; just there are some people who do not want to admit that. True, it is far from fun and pleasant, but eventually you end up respecting those people who have the guts to tell you that it is over as in that case no one is wasting their time.

Spending plenty of time in the dating world you can discover that there are types of women and men who will give you false hope till eternity, especially if you allow them. But, do not let this to happen to you as there are signs which can help you in detecting whether someone is interested in you or not. Just follow them and if they prove that, then that is not the person for you, stop dating and find someone else who is honest about his/hers feelings.

10 Signs of Waning Romantic Interest

Starting to be indifferent

According to the psychologist John M. Grohol, indifference is one of the biggest signs for ending a relationship.

Words like: “Oh, you found that really outrageous item on our credit card statement and now you’re upset? No big deal.”- “Err.Big deal.”

People who are in loved argue and do not show indifference to things that are crucial for both of them. If you are the only person in the relationship to say that something is nonsense, then you should have the guts and ask your partner what is really going on.

Being too busy for you

This is not an excuse if that person is really into you. There is always time for people that mean something to you. So, if your partner is not communicating with you claiming that he or she does not have enough time for anything, then you need to realize that you are not on their priority list.

Stop making plans with you

Someone who is committed to you and willing to improve their relationship makes plans. This does not mean that you have to make important plans like retirement arrangements or deciding on child names, but making arrangements for nice evening in a restaurant or planning a weekend gateway. Plans spice up your relationship and make it to last longer.

Not trying to impress you anymore

It does not mean that you have to spend every waking hour with your partner; it is ok to get comfortable with each other as that makes your relationship deeper in meaning. However, if your partner shows up 5 dates consequently in the same shirt showing signs of unpleasant smell then this is a sure sign that he/she does not care anymore what you will think about it. So, if they stop caring then for sure it means that they are not interested into you anymore.

Everything revolves about them

These persons are concerned solely about their own needs and are not at least interested in your needs. Everything should be done like they want, go places where they want and hang out only with people they want. This type of person seems as if he wants a relationship, but in fact they are only interested in the status that a relationship brings. They care only about themselves and about no one else.

Putting the blame on you all the time

If a person is truly into a relationship, then he or she will have no problem taking the responsibility even if it means that they have not done anything wrong, but only want to help their partner not to totally take the blame. On the other hand, a person that is not interested will almost immediately cast the blame on their partner. This is their way of feeling less guilty for the lost relationship.

Not being supportive anymore

When entering your home and your partner is not even interested in the way how your day has been, then this is a sign of a gone relationship. Once they are more focused on the way how their favorite celebrity’s day has been than yours, then this is a clear sign that you need to end this relationship as it will become just a waste of time.

Losing interest in intimacy

Regarding this issue, you have to be extremely careful as this may occur due to numerous medications, illnesses and psychological issues.

However, if your partner is healthy and has no interest to be intimate with you then it is crystal clear that you need to put an end to this situation.


This result from the issue in point 8 particularly if you partner has a healthy sex drive, but does not want to share it with you. They will not be able to resist the temptation that is out there, it may not be a physical deceit, it can be emotional which more or less is the same thing. Simply, they are not interested in the things they can get from you; therefore they are turning to someone else.

They tend to distance themselves from your world

The things that you used to do are not that interesting to them anymore. All the places you visited before have become boring. When all this happens then for sure it means that your partner has lost interest in you, and as well as trying to completely distance from the world you use to share, especially to the things that remind them of you.

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